Invisible Braces for Adults and Teens in Dallas TX

Invisalign offers a discreet and effective alternative to traditional braces.

Since Invisalign is nearly invisible, you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing! More importantly, you can keep your normal routine, uninterrupted. Since your aligners are removable, you can brush and eat as you normally would without having to make any drastic changes to your lifestyle.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign uses a series of customized, clear aligners to straighten teeth faster and with fewer office visits than traditional braces. Thousands of orthodontists in the United States and Canada use Invisalign braces to accurately and effectively treat their patients. Invisalign aligners are:

  • Completely invisible – Invisalign aligners cannot be seen while you are wearing them! Friends, family members, and co-workers may never even know you are wearing braces unless of course, you tell them!
  • Comfortable to wear – The aligners are made from a special plastic that has smooth, rounded edges so they won’t irritate your mouth and tissues like traditional braces often can.
  • Customized just for you – Your Invisalign aligners are customized to fit your mouth. Dr. Ragan uses advanced 3-D computer imaging technology to replicate an exact impression of your mouth and teeth, then he customizes each aligner so that it fits your mouth, and over time, moves your teeth into the proper position.
  • Removable –Unlike traditional metal braces, you can remove your aligners to eat, drink, brush your teeth, floss, and for special occasions. There’s no need to change your lifestyle with Invisalign!
  • Effective – You will begin to notice a significant difference even before your treatment is complete! Most treatments are completed within one year; however, this can vary from patient to patient.

How long will Invisalign Treatment take?
Depending on the complexity of your case, you could complete your treatment in as little as 6 months, however, you will start noticing results in a matter of weeks.

What happens after I am done with treatment?
You will want to keep your brand new smile beautiful! You will be fitted with a Vivera Retainer, which is custom made and 30% stronger than other retainers. You made the decision to make your smile beautiful. Wearing your retainer keeps it that way.

How Does Invisalign Work?

When you begin your Invisalign treatment, you will receive several sets of custom-fit aligners. Each set of aligners is worn for only two weeks. After two weeks, you can switch your aligners with the next set, and continue straightening your teeth. Over time, you will notice changes in the alignment of your teeth, and in just a few months, you will have a straighter, healthier smile! 

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