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Thumb Crib Appliance to Eliminate Thumb Sucking

You’ve practically been begging your kids to stop sucking their thumbs. You have successfully weaned them from their bottles, and they no longer need a pacifier to go to sleep at night, but you just cannot break them of this habit. Taking away privileges and using time-outs might not work, so you may need to employ a stronger method. At Ragan Orthodontics, we offer thumb crib appliances and thumb guards to deter thumb sucking.

What’s Normal and What’s Not?

You should know when the time has come to begin worrying about thumb sucking. Many children suck their thumbs when they are little. They may do it because it reminds them of a bottle, or the action may provide them with comfort when they are sleeping alone in their rooms at night. Most children stop this practice when they are toddlers. However, others continue. If your children have started to get their permanent teeth, then you need to take action in terms of getting them to let go of this habit.

Problems with Thumb Sucking

It’s important that children stop sucking their thumb by the time their permanent teeth start growing in. If they continue to suck their thumbs during this time, they can cause damage to the teeth. Their teeth may grow incorrectly as well as the mouth. When your children continue to suck their thumbs into this age, they can experience long-term problems with their teeth. Starting good dental habits early on is imperative, so you need to make sure that this issue is addressed.

How a Thumb Crib Appliance Works

When you are unable to get your children to stop this harmful habit, you may need to employ the assistance of a dental professional. A thumb crib appliance goes below the front teeth, and they are not braces. These units are not visible to the naked eye once they are put under the roof of the mouth. Once children go to suck their thumbs with these cribs in, they will realize that it isn’t as simple as it used to be. This process helps to break the habit. By the time the thumb crib appliance comes out of their mouths, they will have forgotten all about this little practice.

Other Benefits of a Thumb Crib Appliance

The major reason that you want to get a thumb crib appliance for your kids is because of the dental damage that thumb sucking can do. Also, this thumb crib appliance also teaches them an important lesson about growing up. It shows them that at some point, they need to let go of their childish behaviors. It will also establish a good pattern for breaking harmful habits. They will learn that once they take the first step in letting go of their habits, the rest of the process is not all that bad. Instead, you can encourage good habits, such as brushing their teeth properly on a regular basis.

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