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Orthodontic Treatments for Teenagers

Perhaps you remember the days when you used to have braces. These memories are not particularly appealing to you, but you are more than pleased with the beautiful smile that you now have. Also, you’ve recently learned that your teenagers are going to need orthodontic treatment, so you’re about to embark upon that road again.

When the Time is Right

Chances are, your teenagers are putting up at least a little bit of resistance to the braces, so you’re trying to decide when the right time is to get the braces put on. Of course, you need to wait until all of their baby teeth have fallen out. By the time they are teenagers that should have already happened. If it did not, then they may need to get the teeth pulled before they have braces. Also, your teenagers may beg you to wait a while longer, but remind them that they probably don’t want to enter college still worrying about orthodontic care.

Modern Options for Braces

You probably remember those little pieces of metal that were strewn together with a metal wire. While that option is still available for today’s teenagers, it is not the only one that exists. Some teenagers can get Invisalign. This type of brace is one that is invisible to the eye, and that is why so many teenagers prefer it. Also, some orthodontists can put the braces on the back of the teeth. That also helps to keep them more or less invisible.

To Conquer the Resistance

Even after your teenagers have learned about the different options for braces, they may still exude a great deal of resistance when you explain that they will need to wear them. Instead of letting this conversation turn into a war, working with the orthodontist who specializes in treatment for teens is a smart idea. These orthodontists know how to talk to teenagers in a way that makes them feel important. Also, some orthodontist offices host social events for teenagers where they can get together with other people around the same age who attend the practice.

Aftercare Habits

On the day that your teenagers get their braces removed, they might want to go out, eat a lot of junk and never think about their dental hygiene again. However, as the parent, you want to continue to encourage healthy dental habits. Make sure that your teenagers are wearing their headgear or retainers. If they don’t, they may reverse all of the hard work that the dentist has put in. Also, your teenagers still may need to go to the orthodontist on a regular basis to have their teeth checked out. Staying on top of them about these appointments ensures that they can have a happy, healthy and bright smile for the future.

Orthodontic treatment is popular for teenagers because that is usually the age when people need braces, and you, as parents, can help them to understand their braces and to take care of them. Contact Ragan Orthodontics today to schedule your consultation.