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Reshape Your Smile Journey

At Ragan Orthodontics, we offer WildSmiles braces, allowing you to personalize your orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Ragan uses this innovative treatment, which combines the reliability of metal braces with customizable brackets. This way, you can proudly express your unique style throughout your smile journey.

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A Smile a Mile Wide

Made to the highest standards in the USA, WildSmiles brackets are similar to traditional metal brackets, both of which create healthy smiles for you and your family.

WildSmiles offers 25 designs at Ragan Orthodontics, unlike the standard square shape. Mix and match these designs to create a truly unique smile journey.

With WildSmiles, take your smile journey outside the box—or, in this case, the rectangular bracket!

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Benefits From the Wild Side


Marvelous Results

WildSmiles braces work just as effectively as traditional metal braces because they are metal braces—suitable for kids, teens, and adults!


Express Yourself

Choose one design or mix and match from 25 different shapes. Add colorful elastics for endless combinations and a touch of flair.


Bigger Brackets, Better Brushing

WildSmiles brackets are larger than traditional ones, promoting better brushing habits and preventing plaque buildup on your teeth.


A Shape That Shows Up

The larger brackets help protect your enamel. You’ll know you or your child is brushing thoroughly when the full shape or outlines of the WildSmiles braces are visible.

Innovative Metal Braces for Kids, Teens, & Adults

Clear braces help adults blend their treatment with their lifestyle, while teens can customize metal braces with colorful elastics or use clear aligners for a discreet option. Kids also need fun, personalized treatment options.

WildSmiles offers unique shapes like Wild-Hearts, Super-Diamond, and Flower-Power. They can even choose Disney designs and Pixar-themed elastics. Teens and adults don’t miss out on the fun either.

They can mix and match designs or support their favorite team or school with the WildSmiles College Collection. This allows everyone to enjoy a personalized and enjoyable smile journey.

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Orthodontist Dallas Tx
Orthodontist Dallas Tx

How WildSmiles Work at Ragan Orthodontics

Dial in Your Smile

Use the WildSmiles Create Your Smile feature to design your cool new smile!


Your Smile Profile

Let our team know which style or design combination you choose.


Give Your Smile Some Style

Sit back and let Dr. Ragan and our awesome team fit you with braces you’ll want to show off.

Is WildSmiles Best for You?

After your free consultation with Dr. Ragan, our team can help you determine which treatment option will best meet your smile needs.

Take your first step on a wild smile journey with a free consultation at Ragan Orthodontics — and come to our offices in Dallas (Park Cities or Preston Hollow) to see if WildSmiles braces can help you get the healthy smiles you and your family deserve.