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Welcome to Ragan Orthodontics, where Dr. Michael Ragan provides exceptional orthodontic care in Dallas, TX. Our practice offers a variety of braces options to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.

Different Types of Braces

Metal Braces

Metal braces have been the gold standard in orthodontic treatment for decades due to their proven effectiveness and durability. These braces use high-grade stainless steel brackets and wires to gradually shift teeth into the desired position. Modern advancements have made metal braces more comfortable and less conspicuous than ever before. They provide precise control over tooth movement and are suitable for patients of all ages, making them a reliable choice for comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

Braces Dallas TX
Braces Dallas TX

Clear Braces

Clear braces offer a more discreet alternative to traditional metal braces. Made from ceramic materials that blend with your natural tooth color, they are a popular choice for teens and adults seeking a less noticeable treatment option. Clear braces work similarly to metal braces but offer the added benefit of being less visible, making them an excellent balance between effectiveness and aesthetics.

Your Step-by-Step Orthodontic Journey

Starting your orthodontic journey at Ragan Orthodontics involves several key steps. During your free consultation, Dr. Ragan will perform a thorough examination, including x-rays and digital scans, to assess your orthodontic needs. Based on this evaluation, a customized treatment plan will be developed to address your specific concerns. Once you decide on the treatment, regular check-ups will ensure your progress is on track. Each visit includes necessary adjustments and monitoring to guide your teeth into their new positions effectively.

Braces Dallas TX

Begin Your Journey to a Straighter Smile with Braces in Dallas, TX

Ready to achieve a straighter smile with braces in Dallas, TX? Contact Ragan Orthodontics today to schedule your free consultation. Dr. Michael Ragan and his dedicated team are committed to providing the highest level of care, ensuring that your treatment journey is comfortable and successful. Let us help you transform your smile and improve your life with our expert orthodontic solutions.