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Why You Should Get a Custom Sports Mouth Guard

High contact sports such as basketball and football demand that you wear a sports mouth guard. However, you need to consider the benefits of a custom-made sports mouth guard compared to an over-the-counter one. Here is why you should choose a custom-made sports mouth guard:

Prevents Brain Injuries

Football players wearing over-the-counter mouth guards have a 50% more chance of suffering mild traumatic brain injuries than those wearing mouth guards that are custom-made and fit properly. If you need to protect yourself from concussions, a custom-made sports mouth guard is your best bet.


A custom-made mouth guard is a little thicker compared to an over-the-counter one, thus offering a higher level of protection by absorbing shock and a direct hit to the jaw.

Matches Your Mouth Structure

Each person has a unique mouth structure. Therefore, a custom-made sports mouth guard is a better choice compared to an over-the-counter one. This is because a custom-made one is of much higher quality and is molded precisely for your teeth impression and gums, therefore offering better protection. You are less likely to lose a custom-made sports mouth guard too when on the field.

Less Bulky

An over-the-counter sports mouth guard is bulky, and you may face difficulties speaking or breathing while wearing it. This means you will have to take it out of your mouth continually, making it easier to lose and easier to get injured. Furthermore, getting it out of the mouth only increases the chances of getting sick because of the dirty hands used to remove it. Get a customized one that is less bulky, and you will be able to speak and breath better.


Customized sports mouth guards are designed to be appealing. This encourages young people to carry them at all times. They may also come in different colors so you can easily match them with your uniforms.

An oral injury or concussion is not something to leave to chance. Yes, you may have used an over-the-counter mouth guard several times without incident, but it only takes one time of getting hit the wrong way, and you can have a permanent injury. If you need help getting a custom-fit sports mouth guard, schedule a consultation with us at Ragan Orthodontics before that next game and let our experienced orthodontist in Dallas attend to you. Contact us today to book your appointment!