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Why You Should Consider Damon Braces

The reason for straightening teeth isn’t always cosmetic. When teeth are crowded or crooked, they create crevices where food particles and bacteria can hide. This can make them difficult to keep clean, leading to the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. You already know that orthodontists use braces to correct crooked teeth, but did you know that braces can come in different forms? The Damon system is becoming increasingly popular as an effective way to straighten teeth.

Damon Braces Dallas use a slightly different method for straightening teeth than traditional metal braces. They are self-ligating metal braces, which means the brackets themselves are designed to close around the wire to keep it attached, and they do not need elastic ligatures to keep the wire attached to the brackets. Damon Braces work with a low-friction system that uses gentler and more biologically sensible forces to slide the teeth. This allows the teeth to move more comfortably, quickly and freely than traditional metal braces. The self-ligating system offers several advantages over other types of braces, including the following:

  • They are more discreet than traditional braces, especially with Damon Clear.
  • They require less treatment time.
  • They require fewer appointments with the orthodontist.
  • There is no friction with self-ligating braces, which causes less discomfort.

When you are wearing any type of braces, it is much more difficult to clean your teeth properly. However, if you do not clean them properly every day, you may find tooth decay and enamel damage when your braces are removed. The elastic ligatures used by traditional metal braces also accumulate plaque and bacteria. They may also become discolored from some foods and beverages.

However, Damon Braces eliminate many of these concerns. Since Damon Braces do not use elastic, your mouth benefits from better oral hygiene during treatment while you spend less time cleaning your teeth and gums.

Damon Braces are made from either stainless steel or a strong and durable polycarbonate, so there is some metal showing during the treatment. However, patients can choose Damon Clear braces, which are made from durable ceramic. As regular Damon Braces are already far less noticeable than traditional braces, Damon Clear can offer a nearly inconspicuous option for those who don’t want their braces to be obvious.

If you are interested in Damon Braces, schedule an appointment with Ragan Orthodontics. During a consultation, Dr. Ragan will examine your teeth and assess your needs to develop an orthodontic plan specifically designed for you. Before making a decision about what type of braces are best for you, it may be worth learning more about Damon Braces to find out why you should consider them for your dental issues. Schedule a consultation with Ragan Orthodontics in any of our locations in Dallas to learn more about your options and find out if Damon Braces are right for you.