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Why Invisalign is a Great Alternative to Traditional Braces for Teens

Many teenagers have their first experience with braces between the ages of 10-14. Braces at this age give your teen a great advantage for correcting current issues such as overcrowding, spaces between teeth, and an uneven smile while preventing further issues in the future. While they are not the only one in their age group to have braces, some teens may be less than excited about their new set of teeth. For these teens, Invisalign® Teen is a great alternative to traditional braces.

Less Noticeable

Most people choose Invisalign® for teens over traditional braces because they are virtually invisible. Traditional braces are extremely obvious with metal brackets and wires showing with every smile. These braces take getting used to, and many teens may feel self-conscious when they first start wearing them. The clear aligners for Invisalign® treatment allow teens to experience the same life-changing braces without a major difference in their appearance.

Keep Enjoying Sports and Activities

It can be worrisome to think of your teen injuring their mouth with metal braces during sports or other strenuous activities. This fear can prevent many teens from getting the treatment they need to correct their teeth. While sports can be enjoyed with traditional braces, it’s often recommended that a mouth guard be worn to prevent injuries and damage. With Invisalign®, this isn’t a worry. Invisalign® Teen allows your teen to enjoy the sports they love without the need for a mouth guard.

Easier to Clean

With traditional braces, brushing and flossing can be difficult and take some getting used to. With many metal brackets to floss around, your teen may not be cleaning their braces as well as they should. This can cause more problems than they originally started with. Invisalign® aligners are removable, making it easy to brush and floss. This is a great option for younger teens and preteens who may not clean their braces as well as they should.

Low Maintenance

Invisalign® Teen aligners are low maintenance and easy for practically any teen to care for by themselves. Proper cleaning of an Invisalign® aligner is simple and can be further discussed during an appointment at our office.

If Invisalign® sounds like a good choice for your teen or preteen, come see our orthodontist and team at Ragan Orthodontics in Dallas, TX. Dr. Ragan and his highly trained staff can answer any questions you may have and help your teen be on their way to a more confident, beautiful smile. Contact us today to book an appointment!