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What to Eat with Braces

When you first get your braces on, something as normal as eating can all of a sudden become a little overwhelming. Sometimes, it’s hard to know which foods are going to be easy to eat with braces. Ragan Orthodontics in Dallas offers braces for kids, teens and adults, and we help patients through the process of navigating a braces-friendly diet ahead of time. Here’s what we recommend eating with braces.

Enjoy Soft Foods

When you first get your braces on, your teeth are going to be pretty sensitive at first. Don’t worry; this is normal and it will go away in time. However, it’s best to stick to soft foods during this time. Yogurt and scrambled eggs are great for breakfast, while mashed potatoes and soft pasta are excellent for lunch and dinner. You can also have some ice cream as a treat.

Stay Away from Hard Foods

Hard foods like nuts, carrots, and hard candy can actually break your brackets in the worst scenarios, so it’s important to stay away from them as much as possible. Since most vegetables are hard, try cooking them for a softer texture. To eat hard fruits like apples, cut them up into bite-sized pieces. Just because you have braces doesn’t mean you have to cut out certain foods entirely; you just need to find a new way to cook them so they have a safer texture.

Avoid Chewy Foods

It’s also very important to stay away from chewy things like beef jerky, caramel, and even thick bagels, as these can get stuck in between your braces easily and are very difficult to clean. You should also stay away from popcorn because the small kernels can get stuck behind the brackets. If you don’t get these things out from between your teeth quickly, they will break down into sugars and cause damage to your teeth and braces. When it comes to what to eat with braces, opt for softer things that are easier to chew. Soft cheeses, fish, and peanut butter are a great way to get protein in without hurting your teeth.

Planning your meals with braces can be challenging at first, but you’ll get the hang of it the longer you have them. If you or your child needs braces, speak with the expert team at Ragan Orthodontics in Dallas to get started. We’ll set up an initial consultation, where we can decide on the best orthodontic treatment for your needs. Contact us today to book your appointment!