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What to Do about Crowded Teeth

You aren’t happy with your smile. Most of the time, you won’t even let people see your teeth. They are so crowded that they overlap. You know removing teeth isn’t a solution. That might create more space, but that treatment options wouldn’t shift the position of your teeth. You need help from an orthodontist to find the best path for an attractive smile. You have more than one option to fix your crowded teeth and get results that will make you happy.

What are Your Orthodontic Options for Crowded Teeth?

Traditional braces are the first thing you think of when you consider your options to straighten your teeth. While that is still the most popular treatment alternative, you could choose clear braces or braces that match your teeth. Braces can also be mounted behind your teeth to keep them out of sight. If your main goal is to be discreet, you may be able to benefit from clear aligners. These plastic aligners are customized to fit your teeth and slide over them. They shift your teeth over time at a gradual pace. Aligners are swapped out every two weeks as your teeth move. Regardless of what your orthodontic plan is, you may need to have some of them removed. Your orthodontist may recommend the removal of your wisdom teeth or your back molars in order to make space in your mouth. In time, your teeth will shift and be brought into proper alignment.

Why Treat Crowded Teeth?

When you seek orthodontic treatment for your crowded teeth, you can reap the benefits. You will improve your self-image when you are happy to flash those pearly whites. It will be easier to have good oral hygiene when you can clean your teeth thoroughly. A proper bite can help you to avoid TMJ disorders that cause strain on your jaw joint. Don’t ignore your crowded teeth or accept them any longer. It’s time to take charge of your smile.

Get Your Dream Smile

You can say goodbye to those crowded teeth and hello to a new smile. Your orthodontist will help you on the journey. The first step is to reach out and make an appointment with Ragan Orthodontics. At our convenient locations in Dallas, our orthodontist will examine your teeth and take x-rays to get a complete picture of what is happening inside your mouth. At that point, you will be able to have options laid out for your orthodontic treatment. Ask about discreet options if you don’t want the world to be in on your plan. You’ll surprise everyone in a year or two when you light up a room with your smile. Contact us today to set up your consultation!