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What Makes Self Ligating Braces So Efficient?

Self-ligating braces are among the most efficient orthodontic aligners available today. They offer a unique set of features that make them the most sought after option in recent times. We offer self ligating orthodontic treatment at Ragan Orthodontics in Dallas, TX, and our patients love what this treatment can do for them.

What Are Self Ligating Braces?

The innovative self-ligating braces (SLB) use orthodontic technology to straighten the teeth and correct jaw alignment issues. These braces provoke the natural tooth structures into desired positions without excessive friction and require only minimal force.

Here at Ragan Orthodontics, self ligating options for braces are some of our most popular offerings. Our patients prefer this treatment option because it offers the least invasive methods for alignment and bite correction.

How Are Self Ligating Braces Different From Traditional Braces?

Although the two brace types look similar, they function differently. Both styles of metal braces use a bracket and archwire system to guide teeth into place, but each method has a different way to achieve the goal of straight teeth and an aligned jaw.

On the Elastic Band System

Traditional braces use an elastic band system to align the jaw and bite. In contrast, the self ligating variety uses an innovative slide mechanism to connect the archwires. Traditional braces use elastic bands to fasten the archwire through a slot in each bracket in a process called ligation.

Although elastic bands are useful for guiding the teeth and jaw into alignment, they may pose problems in other ways. Over time elastic bands may stain or stretch; when this happens, the patient must visit our offices to have them replaced. The elastic bands also retain food particles, which makes it more challenging to keep the mouth, teeth, and braces clean.

Traditional braces also rely on the elastic bands to create the pressure and friction needed to align the teeth and jaw. Many patients find this treatment more uncomfortable than the self ligating alternative. In general, traditional braces require more time to align teeth because the elastic band system isn’t as efficient as it could be.

Many patients find the self ligating version more comfortable and most efficient overall.

How Do Self Ligating Braces Work?

These braces work by using a clip system on the archwire instead of elastic bands to guide teeth into place. Each bracket has a clip component that goes around the wire to hold it in place firmly. The clip system on each bracket minimizes the pressure put on teeth and also reduces the number of adjustments needed during treatment.

There are two types of self ligating braces: active and passive. Each works in different ways.

Active (ASLB)

The active variety or ASLB has a thick bracket archwire and clip system that allows for more control during treatment. This method allows for precision movement to arrange teeth in the desired way. Examples for ASLB brackets are SPEED, Timelock, and In-ovation.

Passive (PSLB)

Passive or PSLB types use a door mechanism and a smaller bracket archwire that allow teeth to move most freely without pressure. Damon braces, eLock, and SmartClip are some examples of PSLB types.

Both the active and passive types do not use the elastic band system at all. Eliminating elastic bands from the equation removes many of the issues associated with traditional braces to create a much more efficient orthodontic treatment.

What Makes Self Ligating Braces So Efficient?

Gone are the days when we must endure clunky and conspicuous metal mouth fixtures to achieve an award-winning smile. Orthodontic technology has significantly improved in recent years, and braces with self ligating technology are one example of the strides made.

Self ligating braces are some of the most efficient options available to patients who want to achieve a straighter and more aligned smile, for several reasons:

Full Customization

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to orthodontic care and neither should you. Choosing Ragan Orthodontics for your SLB orthodontic needs means that you receive personalized attention. We customize all self ligating treatments for each patient. You don’t have to worry about getting an ill-fitting set of braces with us because, with this system, we can find the ideal fit to maximize your comfort.

We work together to achieve the visual goals you want while improving your overall oral health. We believe that having braces custom made for you is one of the most efficient ways to go.

Fast Results

Time is of the essence, and most of our patients want to know how long they must keep braces on to achieve the results they desire. All patients agree that the shorter the better when it comes to braces. Although we can’t rush braces, we can look for options that work faster than others.

Self ligating orthodontic appliances offer faster results than traditional braces. These quick results apply to both teeth straightening and aligning the bite and jaw. You can expect to reach your orthodontic goals as much as four to six months sooner when using these braces. The best part is that you will achieve the same results offered from traditional braces, but much faster.

The reason for the shorter treatment time is that the self ligating technology offers a greater range of motion for shifting teeth, which promotes a more rapid realignment than the traditional alternative. Traditional braces and the elastic band ligaments they rely on put a lot of pressure on the teeth, and this hinders their rapid movement.

Fewer Appointments

Busy lifestyles are a mainstay in our modern world, and frequent appointments won’t work for every patient. Using self ligating technology for braces accommodates your busy schedule.

Our patients appreciate the freedom and convenience this treatment gives them when compared to the traditional alternative. Appointments may be scheduled up to ten weeks apart, which provides you with plenty of time to plan.

Our patients using this braces technology have 47 percent fewer appointments on average than those who opt for traditional braces. With nearly half the appointments, you have more time in your schedule to pursue the things you genuinely enjoy.

Self ligating technology also shortens treatment times and reduces the time you spend in the office at your appointment. These braces use the innovative click technology, which allows for easy adjustments and wire changing. With the simple push of a button, Dr. Ragan positions these braces quickly and efficiently.

Comfort Design

Comfort is always a concern with new patients, and this is something we understand very well. Choosing the most comfortable option that still delivers the desired results is a priority for most patients. The self ligating technology used in these braces offers enhanced comfort when compared to traditional braces.

The elastic band ligatures used in traditional braces create pressure and friction on teeth to make them move. Self ligating technology provides improved comfort to wearers because it doesn’t use as much pressure or friction and eliminates the elastic band ligature system.

Easy Cleaning

After receiving orthodontic treatment, the last thing anyone wants is to need more dental care to make their teeth look healthy. The elastic bands used in traditional braces are a trap for bacteria, which makes plaque buildup more likely when wearing them. Some patients have even noted that regular cleaning isn’t enough to prevent this accumulation.

Self ligating treatment offers better oral hygiene and oral health than traditional braces because it omits elastic band ligatures.

Can Adults Wear This Self Ligating Option?

Although orthodontic treatment happens most frequently during the teenage years, we are seeing more adult clients than ever at Ragan Orthodontics. Patients of every age are eligible to use self ligating technology to correct the alignment of their teeth, jaw, and bite.

Are They Right for Me?

Besides being among the most efficient braces available, this self ligating treatment is also among the most attractive. Compared to orthodontic braces of the past, these braces are lightweight and are available in both metallic and transparent options.

Self ligating braces could be right for you if you want comfortable, visually appealing, custom-made braces that provide fast results. As we’ve learned, they also cut down on the time you spend at appointments, the number of appointments you have, and the time you spend cleaning.

The best way to decide if these braces are right for you is to schedule an in-person consultation with Dr. Ragan. During your consultation, we discuss your treatment goals and help you decide the most efficient way to reach them.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Self Ligating Technology?

If you and Dr. Ragan choose these braces, he will provide you specific care instructions to follow. Dr. Ragan is an advocate for healthy smiles, and he provides you with everything you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy at the outset of treatment.

The Ragan Ortho Essentials Cleaning Kit includes an electric toothbrush, mouthwash, toothpaste, floss, and other dental hygiene items to help you along your orthodontic journey.

We believe that the road to good oral health is a team effort, and we’ll do our part to ensure you are on the right path. When visiting our offices, we’ll show you the proper techniques to brush and floss that will help keep your teeth and mouth healthy. We also provide you with comprehensive care instructions to help you do your part. By always following the instructions on the educational material we provide, you can achieve the best treatment results.

Meet Dr. Michael Ragan

Dr. Ragan is a Dallas area native who has been in the dentistry field for over 25 years. With over 20 years of orthodontic experience under his belt, Dr. Ragan extends his expertise to his patients through state-of-the-art technology and personalized service.

Dr. Ragan has nine professional affiliations, including his role as President of the Southwest Society of Orthodontists, Chair of the American Association of Orthodontics Council on Communication, as well as the American Dental Association, The Texas Association of Orthodontists, and the Greater Dallas Orthodontist Association. He has been one of DMagazine’s Top Dentists since the 2000s.

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Self ligating braces are one of the most efficient choices for creating a straight and healthy smile. Our patients appreciate all the ways these braces save them time, money, and energy while also being more comfortable than the alternative. If you want to find out if self ligating technology is the best choice for you, contact us at Ragan Orthodontics in Dallas, TX to learn more or set up an appointment.