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What is a Carriere Distalizer?

Not too long ago, the only treatment option available for bite correction was headgear. Today, more options are available, so if you want to correct your bite, you’re not forced to wear headgear.

One of the latest innovations is the Carriere Distalizer, and it’s a great orthodontic device for patients who’d like to eliminate an incorrect bite. Since it doesn’t require the removal of teeth, it’s a preferred treatment option among patients.

Although it looks nothing like it, the Carriere Distalizer accomplishes the same goal as headgear. The device can push your upper teeth back while correcting your bite. It’s commonly used before a patient is given braces. If you’re considering this orthodontic treatment, you should understand how it works.

How Does the Carriere Distalizer Work?

The first step involves creating an anchor point within your mouth. Once the anchor point has been created, the Carriere braces arm is connected to your upper teeth, and it will be visible on each side of your mouth. The next step consists of connecting an elastic band to the upper bar, which must be worn at all times.

Depending on the severity of your bite problem, the Carriere Distalizer might be able to correct your issue within months. Once the device arms are removed, upper braces can be placed to finish the correction process.

What to Expect

The Carriere Distalizer is formed with a metal bar, which is placed on your teeth and bonded to an upper molar and canine tooth. After the device has been placed, an elastic band is added to create the tension required for a successful treatment.

Over a period of time, the Carriere Distalizer will cause your teeth to slowly shift, and it will correct your bite. When compared with alternative treatments, it works very quickly, and most people will barely notice it.

Before choosing this treatment options, patients want to make sure that it’s effective. Fortunately, many studies have been used to test the effectiveness of the treatment, and the results have been very positive. The studies show that the Carriere braces are effective for the treatment of malocclusion. Although it won’t treat every individual problem, it can work well in most cases.

Are You a Candidate for This Treatment?

If you’ve been having problems with your bite, you might be a good candidate for the Carriere Distalizer. When your teeth erupt incorrectly, it can create an incorrect bite. Not too long ago, headgear was the only treatment available to solve this problem.

The Carriere Distalizer is a simple, discreet device, and it’s effective for solving an incorrect bite. By moving your teeth into favorable positions, it can eliminate an incorrect bite and pave the way for braces. Once your bite has been corrected, you can start treatment with braces.

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