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What Can the Carriere Distalizer Be Used To Treat

The Carriere Distalizer is an orthodontic appliance that is used to correct a misaligned bite without removing any permanent teeth. It has an effect similar to headgear, which is typically worn to correct an overbite, and is most often used to push upper teeth back before the patient gets braces.

The Distalizer was invented by a Spanish orthodontist named Luis Carriere in 2009. It is used to treat Class II and Class III malocclusions. The word malocclusion or “poor bite” refers to a wide range of dental problems including overbite, underbite, and crowding. By contrast, a bite is considered normal if the upper teeth are slightly forward of the lower teeth.

There are three main classes of malocclusion. In Class I malocclusions, the molars are properly positioned, but the teeth are either crowded or have gaps between them. Overlapping, crossbites and rotations may also occur. Class II malocclusion is characterized by a severe overbite in which the upper jaw overlaps the under jaw. Class III malocclusion is identified as a severe underbite in which the lower jaw protrudes and the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth.

How is a Carriere Distalizer Placed?

The Carriere Distalizer can be used on one or both sides of the mouth. To correct an overbite, Dr. Ragan will place a band around the lower first molar that serves as an anchor for the elastic that will be attached to the side bar. The side bar is then bonded to the upper first molar and the upper cuspid. He then stretches an elastic from the band to the side bar. Depending on the severity of the malocclusion, the patient will wear the Carriere Distalizer for three to six months. After that, the orthodontist removes it and replaces it with braces that will further properly align and straighten the teeth.

If the problem is an underbite, Dr. Ragan will install the Carriere Distalizer in reverse, so the band will go on the upper first molar. The side bar will then be bonded to the lower cuspid and first molar. The elastic will still be stretched between the band and sidebar, and it is critical that the patient use the elastic on a consistent basis. Doing so will speed the treatment and provide better results.

The Carriere Distalizer is not removable. Therefore, it needs the same careful handling as braces do. In other words, a patient wearing a Carriere Distalizer needs to avoid the same kinds of foods that somebody wearing braces would.

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