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What are Sports Mouth Guards?

Whether you have a child that is participating in contact sports or you are involved in intense sports, you need protection. Most people put an emphasis on protecting the body with padding and helmets. This is all well and good. However, you can’t neglect your teeth, whether you are protecting yourself or your child.

Sports mouth guards were created to ensure that no one needs to take a trip to our office for a dental emergency that is the result of a sport injury. Sports mouth guards are a small investment in the grand scheme of things that really pays off in the end.

Understanding Sports Mouth Guards

Sports mouth guards are mouth guards made from metal or plastic that protects the teeth in the event that there is a blow to the mouth. Without the protection that is offered by a sports mouth guard, there is more of a chance that teeth could be broken, knocked out or other damage to the jaw could occur.

Think of a sports mouth guard as a simple insurance policy for healthy teeth when it comes to playing tough sports that put the mouth at risk. A helmet alone is not enough, even when that helmet has a guard that protects the mouth. Keeping the teeth safe should be a top priority. Once the permanent teeth have come in, there aren’t going to be any more replacements. The dental bills can be hefty to repair the damages in an unprotected mouth.

What are the Options for Sports Mouth Guards?

You can find sports mouth guards in the store, especially stores that are dedicated to sporting goods. However, they tend to be uncomfortable and bulky. They might have more movement than you would like to see since they were not custom-made to fit your mouth. Your best option is to get a sports mouth guard at our office. This is the best choice when you want a proper fit that is molded to the size and shape of your teeth. With a custom mouth guard, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your teeth are protected.

Discuss Your Options with Our Orthodontist

Our orthodontist at Ragan Orthodontics is your best source for information about a sports mouth guard. Whether you need the mouth guard for yourself or your teen, trust an expert opinion. Once you have your adult teeth, they are the only teeth you will ever have. A sports mouth guard can ensure that you keep them. We have three different locations in the Dallas area. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.