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What are Self-Ligating Braces?

A wide majority of individuals who remember the traditional braces of the past associate braces with a lot of bulky metal and inconvenience. This may have been true in the distant past, but circumstances have significantly changed due to modern technology. The newer braces are not only a lot more comfortable, but they are much more efficient as well. An excellent example is self-ligating braces. This option has become an increasingly popular choice in the world of modern orthodontics. It offers a much more comfortable option for treatment, saves valuable time and provides the wearer with a gorgeous new smile.

The traditional braces require ligatures commonly referred to as elastic bands. This is what fastens the archwire into each separate bracket through a slot. This process is known as ligation. These bands can become stretched or stained, requiring a visit to the orthodontist so they can be changed. It is much harder to keep this type of brace clean because they will retain particles of food. The difference with self-ligating braces is ligatures are not necessary for holding the archwires because the braces are self-ligating. The archwires are fastened to the bracket using small metal clips as opposed to elastic bands. This eliminates the issues so commonly associated with elastic bands.

One of the main reasons traditional braces are uncomfortable is because ties or elastics are necessary to provide the friction and pressure required for the teeth. This also increases the length of time necessary for the treatment. With self-ligating braces, the teeth can move more comfortably, quickly, freely and easily.

Traditional braces require a lot more time at the orthodontist’s office to replace the ligatures. Once the ligatures have been eliminated and the archwires remain in place, less visits are required. This saves valuable time. Eliminate the ligatures, and the source of the friction is eliminated as well. This positively impacts the number of office visits and the time required for an effective treatment.

Self-ligating braces offer a lot of benefits including:

• The treatment is customized for every patient to provide an ideal fit and additional comfort.
• The use of rubber bands has been eliminated.
• The braces are versatile and comfortable whether the issue requiring correction is minor or a full set of braces is required.
• Good hygiene can be much easier.
• The positioning of the brackets provides a timely and effective treatment. The design and exposed slots make the braces easier for the orthodontist to position.

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