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What are Damon Braces?

You can only make a first impression once, so why not dazzle everyone with a perfect smile? Crooked teeth are one of the biggest causes of poor self-confidence. The good news for adults is that crooked teeth left uncorrected during childhood can still be fixed even when your jaw and skull are at their full growth. The even better news is that dental braces have evolved since you were in school. Today, Damon Braces – available both in solid colors and clear plastic – area at the forefront of dental technology.

To understand how Damon Braces work, it’s important to first review how traditional braces are able to adjust teeth. Braces as we know them consist of hooks and brackets that are strung across either row of teeth with elastic bands and wire. Arch wire is attached to the brackets and slowly moves the individual teeth into their desired placement. This is done to correct crookedness, gaps, and overcrowding. Most adults who need braces will wear them for an average of a year and a half to three years.

Traditional braces come with setbacks that were considered during the development of Damon Braces. These problems include trouble with oral hygiene due to small amounts of food and plaque that get caught in the brackets and hooks. This leads to gum disease and cavities, which are made worse if you are wearing braces to fix overcrowding. Traditional braces may even require the removal of healthy teeth in order to create extra room for teeth that have grown crowded.

Moreover, the tightness of traditional braces can become deeply uncomfortable. This is where Damon Braces are different. Each Damon bracket is elastic-free and is tailored for the specific tooth in order to lessen the chances of discomfort. As a result, fewer adjustments need to be made once your Damon Braces have been applied.

Braces aren’t only about straightening teeth. Adjusting your teeth will change the look of your lower mouth, even when you’re not smiling. This is why our orthodontist in Dallas will fine-tune your Damon Braces to complement your facial profile and natural jawline. The results are a natural smile that shows more teeth, sharper cheekbones, and fewer dark shapes in the mouth.

In short, Damon Braces are discreet, easy to clean, and comfortable. If you are interested in orthodontic treatment, make an appointment at Ragan Orthodontics to learn more about your options. Gone are the days when traditional braces were the only choice. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at one of our offices in Dallas!