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Two Smart Options for a Better Smile

Are you in need of a better smile? Your smile affects more than how you appear to others. It has a deeper impact on your overall happiness. Studies have shown that your facial expression directly correlates to your overall mood. Just as your brain sends signals to your face that give you the urge to smile when you’re feeling happy, your brain receives signals back from your face based on your expression. In other words, when you frown, your mood gets worse. If you force a smile even though you’re feeling down, you’ll begin to feel better. If you are a person who frowns or avoids smiling because you’re embarrassed about your teeth, it’s time to do something about it. There are more options than ever to create the smile of your dreams; here are just two popular options to consider.


Options for the best braces for adults include AcceleDent. This type of apparatus can be removed and installed independently by the patient. The device can speed up the effectiveness of your braces by up to 50%. That’s pretty significant considering that many people have to wear braces for up to two years! The AcceleDent device is worn for just 20 minutes each day. It’s a small device that can be carried inside a purse or pocket. Feel free to speak to our orthodontist in Dallas about this option.

Clear Braces

There are different types of braces to suit everyone. For example, many people in Dallas choose Invisalign®. However, today, the brackets in braces can also be virtually invisible, which is especially important if you are an adult and don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to your braces from colleagues or clients.

When you decide to fix your smile, science shows that you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of not only looking better, but feeling better as well. Visit Ragan Orthodontics to find out all the ways you can gain a better smile! Contact us today to book your orthodontic appointment at our office in Dallas.