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The Top Benefits of Teen Braces

Wearing braces as a teenager may be undesirable, but the benefits of wearing braces are life-long. There are four million people in the US wearing braces at any time, and they all benefit from this treatment. Here we explore why you may want to consider getting teen braces:

1. Enjoy better dental health

Teens who have crooked teeth have a hindered ability to care for them. Plaque buildup is more pronounced in people with crooked teeth and bacteria build up is also more common. With corrected teeth, you will be able to take care of them more effectively to preserve your teeth for the future.

2. Better protection

Properly aligned teeth are also better protected and are more likely to survive the rigors of life. With misaligned teeth, there are protrusions that are more susceptible to damage.

3. Improved biting

Braces result in an improved bite that is more effective for eating. Crooked teeth can make biting and chewing a chore, but after braces, you can enjoy any foods you want without dental health problems occurring.

4. Better sleeping

Braces can allow you to breathe more effectively and you will, therefore, sleep better. Crooked teeth can limit the ability to sleep properly, and this can be damaging throughout your life.

5. Improved speech

When you first get braces, you may struggle to speak normally, but the end result is better speech. Braces will help to align teeth to create a better acoustic resonance with which to communicate.

6. Reduction of pain

Crooked teeth can often grind against one another and, in doing so, can cause constant wear to teeth. Eventually, the teeth will need to be filled to prevent corrosion from occurring. Other problems that can occur with crooked teeth include chips and breaks, which are avoided through braces.

7. Improving confidence

All of these health benefits make getting teen braces worthwhile, but the biggest effect is usually a psychological one. When teens get their braces removed and can display a perfect set of teeth, their confidence will be massively improved.

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