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The Dangers of DIY Orthodontics

It seems that there is a way to do it yourself for anything and everything these days. From your home improvement project to beauty regimens, you are sure to be inundated with ways that you can handle things on your own. However, there is one area where should always turn to the experts and that’s orthodontics. If you have seen products that promise you do-it-yourself orthodontic correction or have been led to believe that you can somehow fix your own teeth, think again. DIY orthodontics could cause much more harm than good.

You Could Cause Permanent Damage

When someone in a YouTube video shows you how to move your teeth or address any type of orthodontic treatment, turn it off. Do not fall for any false promises for DIY orthodontics. Without the evaluation and guidance of a trained orthodontist, you could be opening the door to major trouble. Any methods that you use without supervision and extensive knowledge could lead to damage. You could put yourself in a difficult place when you need to have restorative work done to your gums, teeth and underlying bones in your jaw. If you thought your orthodontic work was going to be expensive, you do not want to see the bill that will come to fix your mistakes.

Don’t Trust Kits You Can Order in the Mail

In addition to videos that will tell you how to get rid of those unsightly gaps in your mouth or ways you can make your teeth shift, there are companies that promise you a set of aligners to straighten your teeth. They’ll mail you a kit that is used to make a mold of your teeth. After you send the mold to the company, they’ll send you a set of aligners. You have no quality assurance, not to mention the fact that no exam has been performed to ensure your teeth are healthy enough for treatment.

When it comes to the real deal with aligners, they are exchanged on a biweekly basis after our orthodontist uses 3D imaging to create a precise fit. If you only get one set of aligners in the mail, it is not going to get you very far. Don’t put your teeth at risk with DIY orthodontics. Once you lose those adult teeth, they are gone for good.

Turn to the Professionals

If your teeth are in need of orthodontic correction, ignore any offers that promise you life-altering results when you take matters into your own hands. If you try DIY orthodontics, you’re more likely to end up with a world of problems. Make an appointment with our orthodontist at Ragan Orthodontics to get an evaluation of your teeth and learn about your treatment options. If cost is the main factor that would make you consider fixing your own teeth, remember that a healthy, beautiful smile is priceless.

Let our orthodontist guide you on the best past to orthodontic correction for your teeth. We have three convenient locations in the Dallas area. Contact us today to schedule your orthodontic appointment.