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Taking Advantage of Orthodontics in Park Cities

The bite of a person is categorized according to the type of contact that’s made between the upper and lower dental arches. Various environmental and hereditary factors can contribute to minor or major abnormalities with the anatomy of permanent teeth and the jaw bones. A malocclusion is a general term that refers to any type of abnormal bite. Crowding, overbites and underbites are some of the most common examples of malocclusion cases in Park Cities and elsewhere. Spaces and gaps between teeth are some other conditions that can be corrected with orthodontics.

Initial Orthodontic Consultation

An initial visit to our orthodontist in Park Cities typically involves a physical and digital examination of the teeth. A patient will be asked to bite and grind the teeth to reveal the extent of the malocclusion. The latest digital technology could also be used to precisely estimate the parameters that define the severity of the improper bite. For instance, a handheld scanning system is powerful enough to measure gaps between teeth in extremely small units, such as micrometers. Digital scanners are also useful for creating virtual 3D models that may be reviewed and analyzed in computer software. Patients will surely appreciate the detailed renderings that show the malocclusion from multiple angles.

Types of Braces

Orthodontics is designed to correct just about any type of bad bite. Metal, plastic and rubber hardware can be carefully installed on teeth that are supposed to be moved into specific spaces. Extractions might have to be done on teeth that simply take up too much precious space in a crowded dental arch. Empty tooth sockets allow adjacent teeth to shift into the appropriate positions over time.

Although they’re composed of a different material than conventional braces, ceramic braces essentially serve the same purpose. However, ceramic brackets are available in natural-looking finishes that are quite appealing to adults. Despite their aesthetic advantage, such braces are rarely used to fix a severe form of a malocclusion. Additional types of braces that we offer in Park Cities include lingual braces and self-ligating braces.

Alternatives to Braces

Clear aligners are also suitable for orthodontics. Having a transparent composition, invisible aligners provide the ultimate cosmetic advantage. These orthodontic appliances must be molded based on digital impressions, which are usually done by the patented iTero® technology. Invisalign® is a premium example of invisible aligners that make great alternatives to conventional braces.

Getting Started with Orthodontics

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