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Straighten Teeth Faster with AcceleDent

Braces are used to straighten teeth and can be very effective. However, one of the top questions that we receive from patients relates to speed. Patients want to know if there is any possible way that they can speed up the amount of time it takes to get results.

In other words, they want to know if there is a way they can reduce the amount of time they must wear braces. For quite some time, the answer to this question was no. Since the release of AcceleDent™, the answer to this question is yes.

The time that it takes to straighten teeth can be reduced with an accessory called AcceleDent™. Depending on the situation, it can reduce the required treatment time by 38 to 50 percent.

What Is This Device?

Launched in 2012, AcceleDent™ has been approved by the FDA, serving as an accessory to braces. Through the use of cyclic forces and SoftPulse Technology®, the device is able to make teeth move 50 percent faster without the pain commonly associated with braces.

When combined with regular orthodontic treatment, it’s an extremely valuable device. AcceleDent™ can be used with Invisalign®, clear braces and metal braces. With AcceleDent™, a one-year period needed for braces could be converted into a six-month period.

How Does Acceledent™ Work?

AcceleDent™ is removable, portable and hands-free. It has a mouthpiece, which connects to an activator. All you need to do is wear the device for 20 minutes per day. The gentle vibrations from the SoftPulse Technology® exert minimal force on teeth.

The micropulses produced by the device make teeth move faster and increase the rate of bone remodeling, leading to faster results from braces.

Aligning and leveling are the two major tasks that braces accomplish. On average, leveling can take up to seven months. Studies show that AcceleDent™ increases tooth movement by an average of 30 percent, and it can provide even faster movement for your upper teeth.

You’ll still need to visit your orthodontist as frequently as you normally would, but in between visits, you’ll notice highly accelerated movement.

Are You A Candidate For AcceleDent™?

The device can be effective when used with virtually any type of braces. It’s safe for both adults and children, and you can only get it with a prescription.

To find out if you’re a good candidate, contact the office of Ragan OrthodonticsRagan Orthodontics offers AcceleDent™ along with Invisalign® and other services and products. We would be happy to speak with you regarding your cosmetic needs and will tailor a treatment plan best suited for you. No one should ever be denied having a beautiful smile sooner than later. Contact us today.