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Preparing Your Child for an Appointment with Our Dallas Orthodontist

So, the doctor has recommended braces for your child. Well, dear parent, it is important to prepare your little one emotionally and be as supportive as possible during the appointment and treatment period. Tender love and care, especially during the first few appointments with our Dallas orthodontist, is crucial. Here are a few things your little one needs to know before walking into the orthodontist’s office.

Why do they need braces?

It is important that the little one understands why they are having braces so they can fully cooperate during the treatment process. Let the child know that they are getting braces to align overlapping or crooked teeth and improve their smile while fixing problems in the jaws. It is important that the child understands that the younger they are, the lesser the treatment will be. Be sure to involve the child in every aspect of the treatment – from what to expect, the duration of treatment, and the possible outcome of the treatment.

They are not alone!

Every child has a cousin, friend, or classmate who is presently wearing braces or has had some before. So they are not the only ones with braces! Relating with their peers makes it easier for them to tolerate the treatment duration and be positive about this kind of treatment.

Patience is a necessary virtue

Like with any other treatment, orthodontic treatment duration does vary from patient to patient. Orthodontic treatment cannot be quickened because Mother Nature cannot be rushed.


The best person to go to when there are questions about the treatment process and procedure is the orthodontist, who will explain every aspect of the treatment, from what to expect during the first appointment to coping with the changes, and everything in between.

Most people are required to get braces to straighten their teeth and jaws. The ideal time to get them is usually during adolescence when the child’s bones are still growing. However, teens and adults in Dallas can also undergo orthodontic treatment.

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