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Painful Dental Conditions That Braces Can Treat

Did you know that getting braces might help you live a more pain-free life? Although most people who seek out orthodontic treatment are well aware of the cosmetic benefits of braces, it isn’t discussed often enough how orthodontics can help in the treatment of several conditions that can be quite painful or inconvenient. Let’s take a closer look at just some of the dental conditions that braces can help to treat.


Bruxism is a nasty condition associated with clenching and grinding of the teeth either during waking hours or when you are asleep. It can cause significant dental damage and even lead to tooth loss if uncorrected for a long enough period of time. For those who only have it in their sleep, they may not realize that they have bruxism until the damage is already done. Teeth can become chipped, broken, flattened, or have enamel totally worn away before it is even diagnosed. Braces that create a better-aligned bite can help alleviate the conditions that lead to bruxism, but it may need to be combined with other treatments such as wearing a specially-made nightguard.


The more serious cousin of the common overbite, an underbite can cause significant discomfort in chewing, talking, or even when the jaw is at rest. Like overbites, they may be genetic or caused by crowding of the teeth in smaller mouths. Unlike overbites, they are unlikely to reverse themselves without the help of orthodontic treatment. An underbite can be quite painful because it can lead to the incorrect striking of teeth while chewing or even cause those who suffer from it to bite their cheeks or lips.


Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) is an underdiagnosed dental condition that is often only discovered when patients complain of headaches, chewing difficulty, and lower jaw pain that isn’t explained by dental caries. Its driving cause is damage to the muscle that moves the mandible, and this is often caused or exacerbated by tooth alignment problems that braces are intended to treat. Once the teeth are repositioned with the help of braces, the pain and inflammation of the temporomandibular joint muscles are given an opportunity to heal.

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