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Keep Your Clear Braces Clean with These Simple Tips

If you have clear braces for adults, our orthodontist will make sure to advise you on how to clean and maintain them. Unlike conventional metal braces, clear braces are made of porcelain. Since ceramic braces tend to blend into the color of your teeth, it is important that you learn how to maintain and keep them clean and white. Here are just some of the simple tips that can help you clean and maintain your clear braces.

1. Brush your teeth multiple times per day

If you are wearing clear braces for adults, you should never be content with brushing your teeth twice in a day. Rather, you need to brush your teeth at least three times a day to ensure that each of the brackets is clean and devoid of food particles. If you are going to drink beverages like soda and black coffee, be sure to brush your teeth immediately after the drink.

2. Avoid foods that stain your teeth

To minimize the chances of staining your teeth, consider avoiding teeth-staining foods like sodas, black coffee, foods with artificial coloring, as well as alcohol. As already mentioned, if you have to consume these foods, ensure that you have your toothbrush in hand to clean your brackets and teeth immediately.

3. Get your brackets cleaned by a professional

The importance of having your brackets cleaned by a professional cannot be overstated. Consider doing this at least twice a year. It works best when you have your brackets cleaned by the same orthodontic team who installed them.

4. Always remember to floss

Flossing can greatly help in removing the food particles that are stuck in your braces and teeth.

5. Rinse your mouth with a mouthwash

It is highly recommended that you use mouthwash to rinse your mouth after every meal or after drinking a colored beverage.

Proper oral health can be a challenge when you are wearing braces. However, keeping your clear braces clean is extremely important as this will contribute to your overall oral hygiene. Follow these simple tips to keep your braces and teeth clean and avoid dental problems that may arise from poor oral hygiene. To learn more information about clear braces and your other options like Invisalign®, talk to our orthodontist at Ragan Orthodontics in Dallas, TX. Contact us today to book your appointment.