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Is Invisalign Teen Right for My Child?

If your teenager needs orthodontic correction, you have some big choices ahead of you. Orthodontic treatment will take a considerable amount of time. You want to help your child choose an alternative that will get the optimal results. At the same time, you want your child to be comfortable with the decision. There are many options available for orthodontic correction today. Invisalign Teen® is growing in popularity for teenagers. Many teens and adults are choosing these clear aligners to get results. We encourage you to find out if Invisalign Teen® is right for your child.

Why Choose Invisalign Teen®?

This treatment offers your child many advantages. Medical imagery is used to create precise aligners that are specifically tailored to match your child’s teeth. The aligners are made from a medical-grade plastic that is extremely durable. They are clear and removable. If your child is self-conscious and doesn’t want orthodontic treatment to be obvious, going with Invisalign Teen® may be the preferred choice. The aligners need to be worn at least 22 hours each day in order to have the best results. As the teeth gradually shift, old aligners are swapped for new aligners every two weeks. This treatment makes it easier for your child to keep his or her teeth clean during treatment. The aligners can be removed during special events or sporting activities. They are more comfortable as compared to traditional braces. Best of all, no one will even notice that they are there.

Will Invisalign Teen® Work for Everyone?

Invisalign Teen® is used for milder conditions that require orthodontic correction. Our orthodontist will assess your teen’s teeth in order to determine if this form of treatment will work. If our orthodontist approves, it is important that your teen follows the instructions, wearing the aligners for 22 to 23 hours every day. Our orthodontist will make sure to monitor the progress and make any adjustments that are necessary. The most important thing to remember is that orthodontic treatment will be worth it in the long run when your child has an incredible smile.

Learn More About Invisalign Teen®

If your child needs orthodontic correction, Invisalign Teen® could be the way to go. It offers promising results, it’s comfortable and it can help your child to have a positive image during treatment. Visit Ragan Orthodontics in Dallas so that our team can assess your teen’s teeth. You can discuss the possibility of Invisalign Teen® to get the results that your child wants to see. A beautiful smile can be in the making with some help from these clear aligners. Contact us today to schedule an orthodontic appointment for your child.