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Invisalign Teen vs Braces for Adolescents

Your teenager needs orthodontic treatment and now it’s time to decide how to move forward. Gone are the days when the only option was traditional braces. There are many treatment alternatives that can work for your child. While braces are the most common, Invisalign Teen® is another popular choice.

When it comes down to Invisalign Teen® vs braces for adolescents, our orthodontist will help you by evaluating your child’s teeth and pinpointing problem areas to find the best solutions. In the end, your teenager will want to flash those pearly whites when he or she has a beautiful smile. Weigh your options for your teenager before you make a final decision.

What About Braces?

When you think about braces, you picture metal brackets with wires running through them. While that is still the standard when it comes to braces, there have been many innovations with this treatment option. Self-litigating braces shift the teeth in a gentle way that does not require so many adjustments and has a shorter treatment time.

Clear braces are another option that will make your teen’s treatment more discreet. Depending on what your child’s issues are with his or her teeth, braces may be the most effective way to treat the problem. Our orthodontist will be able to determine the best path for treatment.

How About Invisalign Teen®?

Invisalign Teen® has really grown in popularity in recent years. It involves wearing clear aligners that are made from medical-grade plastic. The aligners are customized to fit your teen’s mouth and they are switched on a biweekly basis as the teeth slowly adjust. The aligners are removable, a great plus when it’s time to keep teeth clean, when contact sports are involved or if there is a special occasion.

There’s no need to worry about irritation of the mouth from the brackets or wires that come with braces. Best of all, they are practically invisible, something teens love during those self-conscious years. Invisalign Teen® is best for less severe cases that only need mild correction. Our orthodontist will be able to let you know if Invisalign Teen® will work for your child.

Invisalign Teen® vs Braces for Adolescents: Choosing the Right Option

The best way to choose a course of action for your teenager is to make an appointment with our orthodontist at Ragan Orthodontics. Through a physical examination and medical imagery, our orthodontist will get a clear picture of your teenager’s teeth and the source of any orthodontic issues.

Whether there is a problem with crowding, too much space or your child’s bite, there is an orthodontic treatment that will work. Regarding Invisalign Teen® vs braces for adolescents, you will all have the opportunity to sit down together as you consider the pros and cons of each. Once you’ve determined what will provide the best outcome for your teenager, the treatment process can begin.

While orthodontic treatment does take time, the length of treatment has become shorter over the years with all of the advances in the field. Before you know it, your teen will have something to smile about. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your adolescent at one of our three Dallas-area locations.