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Increase the Effectiveness of Your Orthodontic Treatment with AcceleDent

Great things come to those who wait, and there is nothing worth waiting for more than a beautiful, healthy smile. But if there was a way to make the orthodontic process more efficient, it would be even better. If that’s on your mind, then AcceleDent might interest you. Learn more about how this ingenious solution can shorten your time using aligners or braces.

Understanding Orthodontic Treatments and Teeth Movement

The bone tissues in our jaws are responsible for holding the teeth in place. When aligners or braces are put on, two things happen: tissues on one side compress and those on the other side stretch. Generally, our bones react to these changes by generating more bone cells on the side that stretches, and fewer cells on the compression side. Eventually, this reshapes the teeth and results in an even and attractive smile, as well as holding the teeth firmly in their new positions.

How AcceleDent Speeds Up the Process

AcceleDent is an orthodontic device that is engineered to boost the activity of the bone cells responsible for remodeling the bone surrounding each tooth. The device offers gentle and accurate vibrations using soft pulse technology. When the device is activated, these vibrations travel from the roots of the teeth into the surrounding bones. The vibrations stimulate cellular activity, creating a quicker remodeling of the bone structure and quicker tooth movement.

Benefits of Using AcceleDent 

First of all, it reduces orthodontic treatment time. Orthodontic treatment can sometimes take a long time to yield visible results. Patients who wear aligners or braces typically expect to see results after about 12 to 18 months. When used correctly and regularly, AcceleDent can reduce treatment time by up to 50%.

The treatment is also versatile. Most patients use both traditional and modern braces and aligners. Regardless of which orthodontic treatment you use, AcceleDent can work with all types and increase their effectiveness. It is also easy to use.

AcceleDent can enhance the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment and give you the opportunity to complete treatment in a shorter period of time. To learn more about AcceleDent and other orthodontic services like Invisalign®, speak with our orthodontist and staff at Ragan Orthodontics in Dallas. Contact us today to book an appointment and get started!