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Importance of Sports Mouth Guards during Orthodontic Treatment

When you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, you have made a commitment to improving your smile. It means a serious investment of time in order to get the results that you want, and in order to protect your investment, a sports mouth guard is essential during the course of your treatment. Otherwise, serious setbacks may occur.

Avoid Damage to Your Teeth

Whether you are receiving orthodontic treatment or not, a mouth guard is necessary during contact sports to protect your mouth. Whether you play baseball, football, volleyball, hockey, gymnastics, skiing, or any sport that involves intense physical activity, your sports mouth guard should be part of your uniform. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of losing a tooth or seriously damaging your teeth. A sports-related injury in the mouth is not only painful, but it can also adversely affect your orthodontic treatment.

Damaged Teeth Could Mean a Longer Course of Orthodontic Treatment

When you seek treatment from your orthodontist, a plan of action will be prescribed to shift your teeth into the proper position over an extended period. If your teeth are suddenly damaged during a sports activity, it can cause their position to shift and may alter your orthodontic treatment. After repairs are made to your teeth, your orthodontist may need to readjust your orthodontics, which may mean additional treatment time. You could find yourself looking at more visits to the orthodontist after your mouth is injured.

You Have Plenty of Options

Mouth guards are easy to wear and comfortable during play. They should be worn during practice sessions, meets, and games. It is wise to wear a mouth guard even when you are playing casual sports with friends. You can choose from a mouth guard that is available in most stores, or opt for a boil and bite guard that will fit your mouth more snugly.

For the best fit, your orthodontist can create a custom mouth guard that is tailored specifically for you. Discuss your mouth guard options with your orthodontist and protect your teeth. If you want to flash those pearly whites more often and show off a beautiful smile, you need to keep it intact. A mouth guard is an insurance policy against serious damage.

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At Ragan Orthodontics, we understand the importance of oral safety – especially while undergoing orthodontic treatment. That’s why we offer sports mouth guards to our patients. If you’re wearing braces, you could suffer damage to your teeth or your appliances if you are not careful. Contact Ragan Orthodontics today to schedule your consultation.