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How to Fix an Overbite

A person is said to have an overbite if their upper teeth protrude in a way that they are not in line with the teeth in the lower jaw. Overbites can be hereditary, and in some cases, they might be caused by behaviors such as thumb-sucking, frequent use of pacifiers, among other habits. There are remedies that have been medically proven to correct overbites. The following is a brief overview of how to fix an overbite.

The use of braces

Most orthodontists suggest the use of braces to fix an overbite. This is because braces work well in moving the protruding teeth to the right position. However, the extent of the overbite will determine whether using braces will correct the problem adequately.

Jaw surgery

Jaw formation has a great effect on teeth alignment. Most overbite cases are due to faulty jaws that cause the wrong positioning of the teeth. If the orthodontist notices that you have a skeletal overbite, he might suggest surgery to correct your situation. However, most jaw surgeries require the patient to use braces after the fact to achieve the best results.

Removing overcrowded teeth

Overcrowding occurs when the teeth are too close to each other, which is a main cause of overbites. In such a case, our orthodontist may suggest that you get rid of some teeth to make the use of braces more effective. When overbites occur in children and teenagers, removing baby teeth might be the best option. There are instances when removing baby teeth is considered a solution to create room for permanent teeth. The permanent teeth will grow straight, and if there are any problems, they will be corrected when the new teeth are forming.

The use of retainers

Retainers are used as a post-braces solution to keep the teeth in place; this is just one way on how to fix an overbite. Orthodontists recommend that patients use retainers even after the braces have been removed because they help to maintain the alignment.

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