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How Can Invisalign Teen Help to Improve My Child’s Smile?

When you were a small child and you had a missing tooth or a crooked tooth, everyone thought it was so adorable. They would ask you to show them your missing tooth and they would call you cute nicknames because your teeth were a little bit crooked. However, as you got older, you no doubt saw that having missing or crooked teeth was no longer considered cute, but instead it inhibited you from doing certain things in your life.

As a parent, if you have a teenager with crooked teeth, you want to do whatever you can to help them straighten out the problem as soon as possible so that it will not affect them for the rest of their life. Maybe you took your teen to the orthodontist and he has told you that your child needs braces.

While the long-term results of having braces are positive, in the short-term while the child is actually wearing traditional braces, there can be some negative social repercussions. For this reason, you might be thinking about getting Invisalign Teen® for your child. There are a lot of reasons why Invisalign Teen® is superior to traditional braces.

First, Invisalign Teen® does not create as much anxiety for your child or teenager as traditional braces do. Everyone knows that getting traditional braces can be uncomfortable at first. After they are applied, there is the irritation and frustration that comes from the braces cutting your gums or the wires affecting the inside of your mouth.

Add to that the limitations on the foods that you can eat and the social pressures that wearing traditional braces has and it is understandable why when a teenager hears that they are getting braces, they feel anxiety.

Invisalign Teen® is a removable plastic applicator that slowly adjusts the position of your teen’s teeth. There is no application process. It is just something that your teenager can pop on their teeth, wear for the majority of the day and take out when they want to.

Invisalign Teen® is all but invisible, so the social pressure associated with using it is gone. If your teenager does not tell anyone that they are wearing Invisalign Teen®, very few people are going to know.

Having a happy, healthy smile is an important part of being successful in life. As a parent, you want your child to have as much success as possible. You can help them by giving them the gift of a straight smile through Invisalign Teen®.

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