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How a Sports Mouth Guard Improves Your Athletic Performance

For most sporting games, the difference between losing and winning can be tiny. Every sports person is always looking for a competitive edge to outcompete their opponent, such as trying the newest equipment or going to training camps. What if you could have mouth protection that can make you perform at your optimum? A custom fit sports mouth guard can significantly improve your performance in the following ways:


A sports mouth guard prevents tooth and jaw damage by providing added support. A design that has been created specifically for a player will remain secure and intact, offering much-needed protection. Consequently, a player will experience less physical damage that arises from facial traumas. The overarching consideration here is choosing a custom fit and not just any sports mouth guard.

Improved Strength

A player who wears a performance mouth guard is less prone to muscular tension on the jaw. Other body parts can, thus, use the extra energy freed in this area. A player will end up having higher flexibility and strength than before.

Enhance Oxygen Uptake

Since these mouth guards relax and align the jaw, there’s an increased uptake of oxygen into the body, which increases endurance and prevents premature fatigue. Lactic acid is a major hurdle among athletes, but with more oxygen, your body will have the ability to deal with it fast enough. As long as the body receives adequate oxygen, the player is guaranteed good heart rate efficiency, which, in return, provides heightened performance, training, and recovery.

Protection from Germs

It is not rare to see athletes touch their mouth guards with bare hands or even pick it up from the ground and put it back into their mouth. You’d be preventing yourself from bacteria and other pathogens if your sports mouth guard stayed in your mouth the entire game. A proper sports mouth guard allows you to drink, communicate, and breathe without removing it. This is why it’s so important to have a custom fit.

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