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Getting Tooth Impressions Done with the iTero Scanner

Maintaining your dental health is an integral part of staying healthy. When you do not take care of your teeth, you may suffer serious consequences in other parts of your body. For example, some people experience heart troubles because they do not take proper care of their dental health. Sometimes, these issues arise because people do not have proper implantation or restorative procedures.

The Basics of the iTero™ Scanner

Whether people need to get braces, dental implants or other types of procedures, orthodontists need to obtain a mold of their mouth. Orthodontists have used all types of procedures through the years, and the iTero™ scanner is a new and accurate method. It is easy for the patient. The patient is simply scanned; the procedure does not involve unpleasant gels or stretching out of the mouth. Then, the scan is uploaded to the computer, and the proper implantation or device is created from that point.

Why a Scan Makes Sense

The scan is a faster procedure than some other methods for achieving the same goals. However, it also ensures a greater level of accuracy. The teeth are scanned. It is not as though the patients must hold their heads in a certain position, which could lead them to flinch or falter. In addition, the orthodontists are not using soft molds, which could quickly lose their shape. Think about a fingerprint scanner that is used for security clearances or for people to log into their place of employment. The degree of accuracy is much higher than other tools and methods.

Available for Different Procedures

When people need to have dental work done, they often must undergo a specific molding based on the procedure they are undergoing. However, when professionals use the iTero™ scanner, the results can help to develop braces, implants, dental restoration necessities and so forth. This strategy is particularly useful for people who need to have multiple procedures done. For example, people may need to have implants, and then they might need braces for their teeth. When they undergo the iTero™ scanner, the process is much more simplified. One scan can garner the necessary results to make the right changes.

For Cosmetic and Non-Cosmetic Procedures

Some people need to have restorative procedures because of decay associated with disease or because they were involved in an accident. However, others want to change the appearance of their teeth. This desire for a change in appearance may be connected to dental health issues, or it may prove entirely cosmetic. That is a benefit of the iTero™ scanner services. Professionals can use the iTero™ scanner when patients need to have repairs made to their teeth or when they want to have the repairs done to achieve a higher level of cosmetic beauty.

For many decades, people have had impressions of their teeth made so that professionals could provide them with a healthier and more appealing smiling. However, the science behind these techniques has grown even more precise to provide a higher level of perfection. At Ragan Orthodontics, we use the iTero™ Scanner to take digital impressions. It gives our team quick results, and the process is comfortable for our patients. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Ragancontact Ragan Orthodontics today.