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Get Your Braces Off Faster with AcceleDent

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult and you wear braces on your teeth, you may be counting the days until they are removed.

There have been amazing technological advances in every area of our lives and orthodontics is no exception. Today, there is a device that can actually reduce your treatment time by about 30 – 50 per cent. If you have a special event in your future such as a wedding, graduation or prom, you may be able to have your braces off before the occasion.

Braces are a combination of brackets, wires, bands, hooks, tubes and other components that gradually move your teeth into the right position. They put pressure on your teeth to make them move and reposition.

Once they are in the right place, the bone tissue grows back and holds them in place.
AcceleDent™ is a treatment option that you can use at home. It is an orthodontic micropulse device that will help your braces work faster. The micropulses accelerate the remodeling of the bone that surrounds your teeth and speeds up the natural tooth movement that is caused by the braces.

Braces gradually move your teeth into the right position set by our orthodontist. This takes time sometimes up to 18 months or more especially for adults. By using AcceleDent™ for 20 minutes each day, your teeth may move faster.

You can use it while you watch TV or a movie, read or use the computer. It is safe and been cleared by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). It may actually reduce any pain you might feel after an adjustment to your braces. During clinical trials, people said it made their brace-wearing experience more comfortable.

The AcceleDent™ device uses SoftPulse Technology that is similar to the ultrasound treatments that have been used for years to treat broken bones. The pulses are precisely calibrated to accelerate the movement of the teeth. It compliments conventional orthodontic treatment by speeding up bone remodeling.

The device has a custom-sized mouthpiece that fits over your existing orthodontics. The components consist of an activator that is lightweight and small. It has a USB interface that can be plugged into a computer so our orthodontist can see the patient’s history of usage to see how fast the teeth may move.

The mouthpiece connects to the activator and can be removed for cleaning and easy transport. There is a USB extension cable and a power adapter for easy charging. All of this comes in a neat travel case to keep everything clean and safe.

AcceleDent™ may be a solution for adults who would like to correct their teeth with braces but don’t like the idea of it taking so much time. Contact Ragan Orthodontics today to find out more information.

We can fit you with AcceleDent™ to help you get your braces off earlier, so you can attend that special event in the near future without the burden of braces.