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Everyone Can Embrace a Confident Smile!

Everybody loves a pleasant smile. It is among the first thing people notice about an individual upon contact or interaction. It makes a significant contribution to one’s general appearance and speaks volumes about their personality. Dental challenges such as discolored teeth, misalignment in dentition, and missing or broken teeth may lower one’s esteem and give an undesirable impression to others. Healthy, well-arranged teeth are the key to an attractive smile guaranteed to provide you with everyday confidence.

We Value More than Dental Health

Dental health treatments play a considerable role in granting people the gift of a smile. Nowadays, these services are not necessarily only for those with tooth illnesses. One of the most popular branches of dentistry is cosmetic orthodontics. It involves, among other things, the correction of crooked or poorly arranged teeth mainly for aesthetic reasons so that one can obtain and enjoy the type of smile they want. The known prescription for this issue is braces which are applicable for both medical reasons and cosmetic reasons. Besides correcting misaligned teeth, they can remedy jaw joint disorders and adjust their positioning, as well as rectify an irregular bite.

Initially, braces were unpopular because of the noticeable metal brackets and wires. They were also considered mostly juvenile, and even children disliked the idea of braces. Likewise, some people are allergic to metal, and others suffer periodontal disease, which limits the application of metal braces. However, research and technology have brought about improvements to this type of treatment so that it is safe, faster and widely applicable, and age-appropriate too. The novel formulations and innovative workings of these appliances have enhanced the quality of orthodontics in Dallas and nationwide.

Efficient Treatment Looks Good On Everyone

Since one reason to get this type of work is improving one’s appearance, at Ragan Orthodontics, we consider the appearance of braces also significant. Our practice is proud to offer less obvious options that may work for you! We also employ another metal-free treatment known as the Damon system. This treatment is low-maintenance, fast-acting and relatively comfortable.

Fix Your Smile at Our Office

Part of the southern charm in Texas is in our smiles. Here at Ragan Orthodontics in Dallas, we want to maintain the smiles and self-esteem of residents. We research and offer the best treatments in orthodontics and only work with the best orthodontic professionals in Dallas. For more information, contact us today and schedule an appointment!