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Dr. Ragan: Best Orthodontist in the Dallas Area!

Dr. Michael Ragan is an orthodontist who has his own clinic, Ragan Orthodontics. He is a native of Dallas and graduated from Bishop Lynch High School, where he met his future wife, Cindy; they got married in 1994.

Dr. Ragan earned his bachelor’s degree at Baylor University and also played on their baseball team. He later graduated with honors from the Baylor College of Dentistry. He then studied orthodontics at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where he also served his residency.

Dr. Ragan is a member of several professional organizations, including the American Association of Orthodontists, the American Dental Association, the Southwestern Society of Orthodontists, the Texas Association of Orthodontists, and the Texas Dental Association.

What Kinds of Services Does Ragan Orthodontics Provide?

Ragan Orthodontics provides an array of orthodontic services for children, adolescents and adults. His clinic provides several types of braces, palatal expanders, thumb cribs and sports mouth guards.

Having been an athlete in college, Dr. Ragan understands the necessity of protecting a child’s teeth while they play any kind of sport. Sports mouth guards can be made from plastic or metal, and they protect both the teeth and jaws. A sports mouth guard can prevent teeth from being damaged or even knocked out. Dr. Ragan’s sports mouth guards are custom-made to fit the patient’s teeth perfectly.

What Kinds of Braces Does Ragan Orthodontics Provide?

Our orthodontist in Dallas offers the following types of braces:

  •  Traditional braces
  •  Ceramic braces
  •  Lingual braces
  •  Self-ligating braces
  •  Invisalign®

What are Self-Ligating Braces?

Self-ligating braces have brackets with doors that can be opened and closed in order to remove or insert the arch wire. The doors also decrease the friction and pressure on the arch wire and, thus, make the braces less uncomfortable for the patient. Self-ligating braces can also move the teeth more quickly and easily than conventional braces, and they don’t require the use of rubber bands.

What are a Thumb Guard and Thumb Crib?

The thumb guard and thumb crib are appliances designed to break children’s habit of thumb sucking. While thumb sucking is a perfectly normal habit in babies and toddlers, it becomes a problem if the child continues to suck their thumb beyond the ages of three or four, for it can cause problems such as crossbites and crowding.

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