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Do You Need Adult Braces?

While it’s most common for people to get braces as a child, there are instances where you may need or want to get braces as an adult. While the concept of getting adult braces may seem daunting at first, don’t stress. It’s easy to find clear adult braces, which are much more convenient and comfortable than traditional braces. Ragan Orthodontics offers several different types of braces in the Dallas, TX area. Here are some signs that you might need braces at an adult.

1. You had braces as a kid, but your teeth have moved

If you had braces as a child, that doesn’t necessarily mean your teeth will stay in perfect alignment for your entire life. Orthodontic technology has improved significantly over the last few decades, and there’s always a chance that your orthodontist might not have used the appropriate treatment in the first place. If you’ve noticed that your teeth have moved significantly, you might be a good candidate for adult braces, particularly if they are causing you any discomfort.

2. An injury has moved your teeth

If you’ve experienced a serious head injury, your teeth might have moved out of place, and you might also notice some discomfort in your jaw. Braces can help correct this problem and help you get your straight smile back again. Since crooked teeth tend to worsen through the years, it’s very important to correct these problems as soon as you notice them.

3. Your bite is abnormal

If your teeth don’t fit together correctly when you bite, it’s a sign that you might need braces. An improper bite can eventually cause crooked teeth in some cases, and it can also affect your ability to eat. If you compensate for your bite when you eat or talk, it can lead to further jaw pain. Braces can correct this problem by slowly moving your bite into alignment.

4. You have trouble cleaning your teeth

If you have trouble getting your teeth clean because they are crooked, it’s time to start thinking about braces. If you can’t clean your teeth, it will lead to decay and other issues over time, so this issue should be addressed as soon as possible.

If you think you may need adult braces, you should get your teeth evaluated sooner rather than later. Speak with our orthodontist at Ragan Orthodontics in Dallas, TX to schedule a consultation and see if orthodontic treatment can help you, whether it be traditional braces or the popular Invisalign® system. Contact us today to book an appointment.