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Consider Invisalign for Your Perfect Smile

Even if you have been struggling with crooked teeth for years, the idea of wearing metal braces for a long period of time can be unappealing. Traditional braces are extremely effective, but many patients would prefer a less noticeable option. Invisalign® aligners can treat almost all the same issues as traditional braces, but they are nearly invisible once in the mouth. These modern devices will begin to straighten your smile within just a few weeks, and you can take them out at any time to brush, floss and enjoy your favorite foods.

The True Dangers of a Crooked Smile

Some people never even consider having their teeth straightened because they believe a crooked smile is nothing more than a cosmetic issue. While crooked teeth can be unsightly, they will also impact your oral health. When left untreated, this condition can lead to secondary complications such as chips, cracks, tooth infections and gum decay. They might also cause facial deformities that can only be treated with invasive procedures. Correcting your smile as quickly as possible will reduce your risk of many different oral health problems.

The Downside of Braces

Over the last few decades, braces have been the most popular treatment option for crooked teeth. These devices are used to correct a variety of issues ranging from overcrowding to large gaps between the teeth. Most dentists and orthodontists agree that braces can be effective, but they are also very noticeable. Another downside of braces is that they require quite a bit of work. Patients must watch what foods they eat and schedule appointments every few weeks to have the braces tightened. Others are nervous to take pictures or smile because of the bright posts and wires.

A Look at Invisalign

These trays will straighten a patient’s smile, but they aren’t attached directly to the front of the teeth. Invisalign® aligners are nothing more than custom trays made from a nearly invisible type of plastic. During your initial appointment, our orthodontic team will take pictures of your teeth from every angle before sending the dimensions off to an Invisalign® manufacturer. Within just a few days, you will receive your very first pair of aligners.

Your aligners must be kept in your mouth for at least 20 hours a day. They will apply a small amount of pressure to your teeth during that time to push them into the correct position. If you ever feel like having a snack or brushing your teeth, you can simply pull out the trays and put them in a case.

The Ideal Patient

Patients who are interested in Invisalign® in Dallas shouldn’t have any oral health complications that will impact the treatment. That includes common issues such as tooth decay and gum disease. Even though there is no age limit for these devices, they are typically best for older patients who have all their adult teeth. During your consultation with our orthodontic team, you will learn much more about how these devices work and what you can expect during your treatment.

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