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Clear Braces vs Metal Braces for Adults

A generation ago, adults seldom thought about getting braces for themselves. Instead, they usually just learned to live with their crooked or misaligned teeth while braces were viewed as treatment options for children and teens. This is no longer the case, however. Some orthodontists say that adults now account for around half of their patients. There may be several reasons for this, and the particular reason will vary from individual to individual.

One thing that may be a factor in many adults choosing braces for themselves is the improved quality of dental care they now have available to them. This means they are choosing to make their teeth last a lifetime and are not buying into the idea that dentures may be in their future. The other major player in adults deciding in favor of braces is simply that of perception. No longer do braces in adulthood carry the stigma that adults prefer to avoid.

In most cases, adults can choose from a variety of different types of braces, each having its own set of advantages and disadvantages. When it comes down to deciding between clear braces vs metal braces for your orthodontic correction, it will depend on a variety of factors.

Metal braces are typically fastened to the front of the teeth and connected together by a wire that keeps gentle pressure on the teeth in order to straighten them over time. The tension on the wire will need to be adjusted by the orthodontist every four to six weeks in order for the braces to continue to do their job.

The length of time an adult must wear the braces varies, but usually is between 18 to 36 months. Metal braces may be the only option in severe cases or when there are large gaps between the teeth.

As opposed to metal braces, a more recent development involves the use of clear braces. They are often chosen by those who do not like the appearance of metal in their mouths because they are harder to see and do not stand out as much. They are made of ceramic and come in a variety of shades in order to match the surrounding teeth.

Before choosing between clear braces vs metal braces, individuals should have a more detailed discussion with the team of experts at Ragan Orthodontics regarding the pros and cons of each type. Schedule an appointment at any of our three offices in Dallas and we will get you and your teeth on the right track! Contact us today to book your appointment.