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Choosing the Right Mouth Guards for Sports

Mouth guards for sports are designed to keep your teeth safe while playing physical contact sports. When purchasing the right mouth guard for you, there are multiple factors that you will need to consider. You can quickly become overwhelmed by all the options to choose from, but the following information can help you find one that will do its job by protecting your teeth and mouth, all while staying comfortable to wear.

Getting the Right Protection

The first thing that you want to consider when choosing mouth guards for sports is getting the right protection. This is going to begin with having the proper amount of protective material in the areas that are likely to receive the most impact. The highest impact zones when playing sports are usually the front of the teeth and right under the molars, so getting the right protection and having the right amount of material in the right places means that you’ll end up with the best and most comfortable fit for your situation.

High-impact zones of the teeth and mouth are going to depend on the sport that you play, be it something on the field, on the court or on the ice. When you buy the right mouth guard for the sport you play, you reduce your risk of injury and the feeling of discomfort that will come from a bulky mouth guard. That’s why getting a mouth guard at our office ensures you get the best kind of mouth protection for you and the sport you play.

Getting the Right Fit

It is important to understand what the right fit really is when it comes to mouth guards for sports. Basically, you want it to fit snugly in its place so that it will not become dislodged while playing sports. It should never be loose and require you to clench or bite down on it to keep it in place. You should not be able to remove the mouth guard by just moving it around with your tongue or adjusting your jaw. You know that it fits snugly when it can only be removed with your fingers.

Getting the Right Accessories

The mouth guards we provide are made using state-of-the-art materials. They are made from metal or plastic and are personally molded to perfectly fit your mouth and teeth. Having a sports mouth guard that fits your mouth and doesn’t move around too much will ensure you get the best protection. We will help you find the right kind for you during your first appointment with us.

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