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Can You Use AcceleDent with Invisalign?

Everyone wants to know what type of braces work the fastest. But it can be frustrating when you get those “fastest” braces only to find that your own teeth seem to be particularly slow at responding to the appliance’s pressure. As a result, many have turned to AcceleDent®, a system that can be used for about 20 minutes each day to help the teeth move more quickly. For people who don’t want to have those brackets, bands and wires poking about for any longer than they need to, AcceleDent® is a blessing.

For people who are considering Invisalign®, though, there may be some initial doubt about whether the two systems can be used together. With regular bracket-style braces, making the teeth move faster doesn’t affect the positioning of the brackets. Even if your teeth suddenly respond really well to the AcceleDent® system, those brackets are unaffected. But if you’re using the pre-formed trays of Invisalign®, can you use AcceleDent®, or do you risk messing up your teeth’s progress if your teeth suddenly move a lot faster than you expected?

Good news: You can typically use AcceleDent® with Invisalign®. If you think your teeth have moved, ask our orthodontist about moving on to the next set of trays. Or when you start using the treatment, ask about the signs you should look for that signal it’s time to get that next tray.

Our skilled and experienced orthodontist at Ragan Orthodontics in Dallas can show you how to use the AcceleDent® device when you have the Invisalign® trays in. Remember to clean the trays daily and remember to always pay attention to your dental health. The combination of good oral care, proper adherence to your Invisalign® protocol, and proper use of AcceleDent® will help you reach your orthodontic goal much more quickly. Contact us today to book an appointment and learn more about your options!