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Break Your Child’s Thumb Sucking Habit with a Thumb Crib

There are few things in this world as cute as a baby sucking their thumb while sleeping. Thumb sucking is a completely normal habit that can actually begin while the baby is still in the womb. Thumb sucking only becomes a problem after the teeth have erupted, but the habit is very hard to break for some children. If your child is still sucking their thumb with a full set of teeth, then you need to quickly break the habit before any major dental problems occur. One of the best ways to break your child’s thumb sucking habit is with a thumb crib.

A thumb crib is a dental appliance that eliminates a child’s desire to suck their thumb when attached to the teeth. While forcing your child to wear gloves or fingernail polish may temporarily stop their thumb sucking, they will usually immediately return to the habit once these items are removed. A thumb crib stops your child from sucking their thumb while also training the brain to avoid the activity in the future.

The first solution to stopping your child’s thumb sucking is to schedule a consultation appointment at one of our offices. Our expert will examine your child’s teeth to determine if he or she is in need of a thumb crib. If it has been determined that your child is a good candidate for this appliance, then X-rays and dental impressions can also be taken.

A thumb crib will be customized to perfectly fit your child’s mouth. The wires of the thumb crib will be attached to your child’s molars. The dental appliance will also have a set of wires that sit at the front of the mouth. These wires will sit directly behind the front teeth and will prevent your child’s thumb from touching the gums when placed inside the mouth. All of the enjoyment of thumb sucking comes from the contact between the thumb and gums, so this will immediately remove your child’s thumb sucking desire.

The thumb crib is designed to not cause any discomfort while sitting in the mouth, but there may be some slight soreness when it is first inserted. This soreness should dissipate after a few hours. It will usually take a few days for your kid to get used to the thumb crib.

While the thumb crib will immediately stop your child’s ability to suck their thumb, it must be worn for several months. Once your child has worn the appliance for several months, they will no longer have the urge to suck their thumb when the dental appliance is removed.

With three locations in the Dallas area, Ragan Orthodontics wants to help your child break their thumb sucking habit once and for all. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about how a thumb crib can help your little one.