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Benefits of Damon Braces

If you are hoping for a better smile by having your teeth straightened, you will obviously want to choose the method that gives you the best results while minimizing treatment time and the level of discomfort involved. Before making your decision, you owe it to yourself to look into the benefits of Damon braces.

Damon braces provide a number of advantages over traditional ones. As far as their appearance is concerned, they do not stand out aesthetically as much as traditional braces. This alone may be enough to persuade many individuals to choose them. However, the advantages do not stop there. Treatment time can be cut by as much as six or seven months with Damon braces. They are more efficient, moving the teeth into their desired position quicker and with less discomfort. Damon braces can do their job while exerting less pressure on the teeth as compared to traditional braces.

Damon braces use a self-ligating system. The system works by attaching the braces themselves to the arch wire as opposed to having the wire attached to elastic ligatures. They are made so that the braces attach directly to the wire by components that are actually a part of the braces. This allows the teeth to slide more freely without the friction created by elastic ligatures. Less friction also means less deterioration of the surface of the teeth during treatment.

The ligatures that are used with traditional braces can become discolored over time due to exposure to foods and beverages. They can also accumulate bacteria and have a negative impact on overall oral health. The configuration of Damon braces means there is less space for the accumulation of bacteria and plaque. This is a disadvantage that is eliminated with Damon braces.

Patients who choose Damon braces over traditional ones are typically pleased to find out that fewer office visits are typically required. Traditional braces require frequent visits in order to have the tension adjusted manually. Generally speaking, Damon braces require about half the number of visits as do traditional ones.

If you do not like the thoughts of traditional braces, but you are not a good candidate for other methods like Invisalign®, you should definitely ask our expert at Ragan Orthodontics about the benefits of Damon braces. You may find that a perfect smile is achievable after all. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at one of our three locations in Dallas!