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Am I a Good Candidate for Carriere Braces?

Making the decision to get braces is one of the best moves you could ever make. You will finally be able to have the smile that you have always wanted. When you flash your pearly whites, you open doors to opportunity and invite others in to get to know you even better. When you have a problem with the alignment of your teeth, it can make you self-conscious to the point that you avoid smiling. Everything will change once your orthodontic correction is complete.

Not only will you gain a new confidence about your smile, but you will also be able to do a better job of taking care of your teeth. Now that you know you are going to move forward with treatment, you need to choose the best braces for you. Carriere® braces may be the perfect fit.

What are Carriere® Braces?

Carriere® braces are an exciting innovation in the field of orthodontics. Also referred to as self-ligating brackets, Carriere® braces apply a low level of pressure to your teeth while they are at work, naturally shifting them into the proper alignment. They offer you a more comfortable approach to straightening your teeth or aligning your bite.

At the same time that they apply less force, they can actually be more effective than traditional braces. You may achieve your final results in a shorter amount of time than you would with the traditional braces that have been used for decades. Carriere® braces are not as irritating to your mouth, offering you a treatment option that is less abrasive to your mouth and gums.

Why Choose Carriere® Braces?

Carriere® braces are self-ligating. They gently perform the work of shifting your teeth without the use of bands that apply unnecessary force in your mouth.

You will have fewer visits to the orthodontist and results that could be achieved four months or faster than you would with other approaches. You don’t have to worry about as much maintenance as you would with typical treatments that are used for orthodontic correction.

Are Carriere® Braces Right for You?

If your bite is not properly aligned or you have to face the embarrassment of crooked teeth every time you look in the mirror, there is a good chance that you could benefit from Carriere® braces. Take care of your teeth and you can stave off serious problems down the line, including periodontal disease, sleep apnea, and TMJ disorders. It’s time to find out if Carriere® braces are right for you.

Schedule an appointment at Ragan Orthodontics, with three conveniently located Dallas-area offices. Your teeth will be thoroughly evaluated. From that point, Dr. Ragan can discuss all of your possible options for orthodontic correction. Be sure to ask about Carriere® braces to find out if self-ligating brackets are the right approach for you when you want to achieve your goals for your teeth.

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