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Advanced Orthodontics via the Damon System

You want a beautiful smile. You take good care of your teeth, but that isn’t enough. You need help from the field of orthodontics. Whether you have a problem with spacing, your teeth are not aligned properly, or your bite is off in some way, our orthodontist in Dallas can offer you solutions. When you are looking for effective results, the Damon system could be the answer that will work best for you. Team up with our experienced orthodontist to find out what the Damon system can do for you.

The Damon System Offers You Advanced Orthodontics

Gone are the days when you could only choose traditional metal brackets and wires. The Damon system takes the traditional type of treatment and has added innovations that make this type of braces more effective. Your brackets will be self-ligating, applying the tension to memory wire, gently shifting your teeth without the need for elastic bands. Your braces will go to work all of the time to make sure your teeth are headed in the right direction. Our orthodontist won’t need to use metal ties on your brackets to apply the tension that is needed to move your teeth. The Damon system can give you the results you want to see.

Why Choose the Damon System?

Traditional braces will straighten your teeth, but the Damon system will get results faster. You may have heard about clear aligners for orthodontics and wonder if that will work for you. Clear aligners only work for the mildest of orthodontic concerns. If our orthodontist does not advise that alternative, you need an option that will give you an awesome smile as soon as possible. Damon braces will go to work as soon as they are mounted to your teeth. They’ll apply a gentle amount of pressure that will guide your teeth where they should be.

Getting Started with Damon Braces

To begin your journey with Damon braces, see our orthodontist at Ragan Orthodontics in Dallas. Learn more about how you could use the Damon system to shift your teeth in order to create the dazzling smile that you have been waiting for all this time. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and get started with orthodontics!