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A Closer Look at iBraces

If you have crooked teeth that you would like straightened but you don’t want visible braces, you should check with our orthodontist in Dallas about the use of iBraces. They are clear and go on the back of the teeth. Consequently, the only people who know you have braces are the ones you tell. They provide all the advantages of conventional braces, but they don’t cause the stigma that many associate with a mouthful of metal. If you are older than 13 years of age, you are likely a good candidate for iBraces. They are extremely popular among adults and teens alike.

Even ceramic braces have some degree of visibility. While they are designed to be less conspicuous than traditional metal, they still can be seen by others. For this reason, iBraces are growing in popularity. In addition, they are completely customizable in order to be the most effective for your particular teeth.

Many adults who are established in their careers elect to go with iBraces as opposed to traditional ones because they don’t want their coworkers or clients to see them. With iBraces, they do not need to worry about braces causing them to look less than professional. They will not suffer self-esteem issues because of the appearance of braces either.

There are some advantages provided by iBraces over other methods like Invisalign®. Some people in Dallas choose iBraces over Invisalign® because they are not fond of the idea that their teeth will be encased in plastic for the entire day. Others would rather not have to think about removing their aligners for cleaning, brushing or flossing.

In addition to the appearance advantages associated with iBraces, there are some functional advantages as well, depending on the individual. Musicians who play wind instruments are typically more satisfied with iBraces because they do not interfere with the way the mouth fits the instrument. Since they are mounted on the back of the teeth, there is no discomfort to the lips like what can be caused with braces on the front of the teeth. These braces are also beneficial for people who play contact sports. A blow to the mouth will not result in a cut lip that is caused by contact with the braces.

If you have been reluctant to consider braces because you were concerned over how they would look, you should look into iBraces at Ragan Orthodontics in Dallas. If you are a candidate for traditional braces, it is likely that this revolutionary method will work for you as well. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more.