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7 Benefits of Damon Braces

Damon braces are a modern orthodontic treatment that is worth exploring, especially if you’re not interested in conventional braces. They are discreet and do not exert as much force on the teeth during treatment. They are a great option for patients who require more movement of the teeth or intensive treatment. Below the benefits of Damon braces.

1. Damon braces move the teeth quickly and comfortably because they are technical and utilize high-tech technology. The braces are self-ligating and gently guide the teeth into position instead of using active force. Damon braces do not require additional ties to hold the metal in place. The elastics that traditional braces have can cause pressure and friction, which make it difficult for the teeth and jaw to realign comfortably. A patient typically experiences reduced discomfort when wearing Damon braces, even after they tighten. These braces also have less friction when they are worn, and cause almost no discomfort.

2. The braces are made with the latest technology, which makes them an improvement over conventional braces. When you get Damon braces, there is usually no need to extract some teeth before fitting them. This is a significant advantage for those patients who do not like dental procedures or teeth extraction in particular.

3. Damon braces tend to work faster than conventional braces and may even reduce treatment time by about four to six months or more. This is a big plus for those who dread braces and would like to get done with them sooner rather than later.

4. These braces are also quite versatile and can help patients with a wide variety of orthodontic conditions. They may be prescribed for the treatment of an overbite, underbite, overcrowding, spaces between the teeth, and other issues.

5. They are light and have small brackets when compared to other traditional braces. The smaller brackets make them less noticeable.

6. They require much fewer adjustments and, therefore, a patient wearing them will require fewer visits to our clinic.

7. Damon braces do not have the elastic ties, which collect plaque and accumulate bacteria. Different drinks and foods also often discolor the elastics in traditional metal braces. A patient using Damon braces does not have the elastics, which makes dental cleanliness much easier.

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