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7 Advantages of Clear Ceramic Braces

Braces are a great orthodontic treatment for giving you a beautiful smile. The problem is they may make you feel like avoiding them at all costs. However, there are several kinds of discrete braces today including clear ceramic braces. Here are seven advantages of having clear ceramic braces for your orthodontic treatment.

1. These types of braces are the same shape as traditional metal braces. The brackets attached to your teeth are clear and hard to see. They can be even less noticeable if you have clear or tooth-colored wires. Clear ceramic braces need to have proper care and cleaning or they could stain from such foods as coffee, curry, or colored fruit drinks and sodas.

2. These types of braces are made from alumina compounds that are strong and non-porous. The archwire is metal but it can be frosted, silver, or white to blend with your teeth.

3. These types of braces have smaller bracket design than traditional metal braces. The brackets take up less space on the front of your teeth. Even though they are smaller, they are very strong and resilient.

4. These types of braces are easy to remove when your treatment is finished. Some bracket bonding agents may be hard on teeth and damage tooth enamel when they are being removed. There are technological advances for removing clear ceramic braces to minimize the possibility of damaging tooth enamel during the removal process.

5. These types of braces use a bonding agent that does not demineralize the tooth enamel while giving superior adhesive strength so the braces are strong throughout the treatment.

6. These types of braces provide a discrete treatment for people with teeth that are light in color.

7. These types of braces are almost invisible from a distance or in photographs if frosted or white arch wires are used.

While there are advantages to choosing clear ceramic braces for people who want their orthodontic treatment to be discrete, the treatment may take a bit longer because more treatment modifications may be necessary. Your teeth may move more slowly because the pressure put on the brackets is less.

If you are a teenager or adult who needs braces, clear ceramic braces may be a good choice. They are virtually invisible and get the job done just as well as traditional metal braces. With three locations in Dallas, Ragan Orthodontics will be happy to speak with you about the benefits of clear ceramic braces. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.