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5 Extra Benefits of Dental Braces in Dallas, TX

Most people choose dental braces in Dallas, TX wide for the common reason of having a beautiful smile. However, aesthetics shouldn’t be the only reasons to address poorly aligned teeth. In fact, there are various other benefits of braces.

Improve Your Oral Health

Although brushing and flossing are important for hygiene, they can be extremely hard to accomplish with overlapping, crooked, or crowded teeth. These conditions create the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and plaque to build up. If left unmanaged, they can lead to issues, such as:

• Gum disease
• Cavities
• Tooth decay
• Bad breath
• Gingivitis

The good news is that all of these conditions are preventable. Dental braces in Dallas, TX can align the teeth correctly and alleviate crooked teeth and overcrowding. As a result, they can make dental hygiene routines easier and help prevent unhealthy gums and teeth.

Improve Your Overall Health

Crooked or overcrowded teeth increase your chances of developing gum disease. And if you have the disease, bacteria can enter into your bloodstream and cause inflammation or secondary infections. But that’s not all. Misaligned teeth can also lead to experiencing difficulty when chewing or biting food. This can adversely affect your overall health.

Improve Your Chewing

As mentioned before, jaws and misaligned teeth adversely affect chewing and biting food. If unaddressed for too long, it can force your teeth to wear out. A weak jaw, on the other hand, can cause painful experiences when chewing. Painful chewing and a weak jaw can make you avoid some healthy foods. And improper chewing can cause digestive issues. In the long-run, you miss nutritious foods and develop digestive problems, which lead to other health issues. However, you have a solution: dental braces in Dallas, TX.

Improve Your Bone Structure

The buildup of plaque and bacteria along the gums and between misaligned teeth can cause weak jawbones. This, in turn, can result in swelling of gums, loose teeth, and bleeding. And if weak teeth fall out, the gums can erode. Sadly, the same situation can develop when you have gaps or spaces between your teeth. Too much pressure, for instance, can result in bone erosion since misaligned or spaced teeth move. Without a visit to our orthodontist in Dallas, TX, it can often lead to:

• Painful chewing
• Sleep disorders
• Headaches
• Jaw popping

Improve Your Speech

When you have misaligned teeth, you often have difficulty making certain sounds. This is because the teeth affect tongue placement. With orthodontic treatment in Dallas, TX, whether through the use of dental braces or Invisalign®, you won’t have these problems.

Dental braces in Dallas, TX offer more than aesthetics. Ragan Orthodontics wants you to enjoy all of the benefits of having a straight, healthy smile. Contact us today to book a consultation at one of our offices in Dallas, TX.