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4 Dangers of Gaps Between the Teeth: How Dental Braces in Dallas, TX Can Help

In recent years, having gaps between the teeth was thought to be a trendy look. But the trend started disappearing slowly because people realized that having gaps is not always a good idea. Any orthodontist in Dallas, TX will tell you that those gaps can affect your overall health in many ways. Wondering how?

Well, gaps between your teeth can develop during childhood or as an adult due to injuries or extractions. Oral habits like tongue thrusting can also create these gaps. Often, gaps between teeth are hereditary.

In kids, gaps could indicate that their jaw is large. In most cases, the problem corrects itself as the child grows and adult teeth develop. But if the problem persists even with adult teeth, they may require dental braces in Dallas, TX to fix the issue before it becomes a long-term problem.

Effects of Gaps Between the Teeth

Oral Hygiene Challenges

Most people think cleaning spaced teeth is easy. But the reality is that the gaps become food traps that house numerous particles and can be extremely difficult to clean. It also means it’s hard to floss because you have to ensure that the dental floss glides against each side of your teeth.

Higher Risk of Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Since oral hygiene can be a challenge, trapped food particles become a safe haven for plaque and bacteria. This increases your chances of developing gum disease and gingivitis. In fact, people with gaps have higher chances of developing tooth decay due to the accumulation of plaque. And managing gum disease is not only costly but also risky since it can affect your heart.

Jaw Pain and Misalignment

Gaps between your teeth can also misalign your bite, which can force your teeth to shift. Crooked bites can also result in pain that affects the forehead, jaw, and ears.

Poor Chewing

Spaces between the teeth can make it difficult for you to chew certain foods, such as vegetables. Swallowing chunks of food can lead to digestive problems.

How Dental Braces Can Help

Dental braces or treatments like Invisalign® in Dallas, TX can bring the teeth together, solving the issue of spaces in between the teeth. The surest way to get the best dental braces in Dallas, TX is to consult a certified and experienced orthodontist, and Ragan Orthodontics is the place to find one. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!