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3 of the Best Braces for Adults

When you search for dental braces online, hundreds of options from several providers come up, and it can be confusing to distinguish what’s best for adults. While some adults are hesitant to try traditional braces, others are not so picky. Fortunately, at Ragan Orthodontics in the Dallas area, there is something for everyone. If you’re looking for the best braces for adults, here are some of our top three options.

1. Invisalign®

Most adults use Invisalign® braces today. Over the last five years, the number of people using Invisalign® treatment has tripled. The treatment involves wearing plastic trays or aligners designed to fit the upper and lower teeth for about 22 hours per day. After about two weeks, a new set of trays replaces the used trays. The number of aligners needed largely depends on the degree of straightening required.

Invisalign® braces are considered an improved version of traditional braces because they’re difficult to notice. These braces don’t cause mouth irritation because they’re manufactured using carefully selected plastic materials. Invisalign® braces are also relatively easy to clean as you can remove them before eating, brushing or flossing.

2. Lingual Braces

Lingual braces consist of wires and metal brackets designed to fit behind your teeth and straighten them. They’re best suited for dental patients suffering from moderate to severe crowding or spacing. Lingual braces are among the best braces for adults because:

• They can correct lifetime or long-term dental problems, such as over-crowded or spaced teeth
• They’re difficult to notice
• They are the ideal treatment for musicians who play wind instruments or athletes
• They can boost your confidence and self-esteem after treatment

3. Ceramic Braces

Introduced in the 80s, ceramic braces offer a less visible option since they’re either clear or teeth-colored. These braces feature among the best braces for adults because they can offer a better cosmetic appeal. In fact, conscious individuals may even prefer clear wires to remove any evidence of wearing braces entirely.

Brighten Your Smile

Fixing your smile could be easier than you imagine. Regardless of your unique needs or concerns, there is always a corrective option that’s just right for you. For more information on the best braces for adults, speak with our orthodontist at Ragan Orthodontics in Dallas. Contact us today to book your appointment!